One-year-old girl found in her cot in a pool of blood after swallowing a button battery was sent home from hospital three times before her death

by:CTECHi     2019-12-05
A one-year-
The old baby girl who died after a button battery card in her esophagus was sent home three times from the hospital two weeks before her death.
A Victorian coroner has heard that Isabella Reese died in February 4, 2015, three hours after her mother Alison found her blood \"saturated \".
When she arrived last time, the doctor sent her to do x-
Button battery was found.
According to age, she died of multiple cardiac arrest on the operating table of Sunshine Hospital.
The coroner heard that the girl\'s family was crying and vomiting and took her to the emergency department of Sunshine Hospital for the first time in January 16.
Her father said he told the hospital that she swallowed something-but that was not reflected in the hospital records.
The baby was sent home after stopping vomiting, but she had another fever two days later.
The hospital gave her antibiotics and said she had a urinary tract infection.
There is also a broken water ball in her stomach.
She completed her course of antibiotics in January 21 and the hospital noticed that she was getting better.
She died two weeks later.
Ever since the death of the baby, Isabella\'s heartbreaking family has come together and fought the regulations around the battery.
After Isabella\'s death, her family paid tribute to her and she wrote that we will give her a chance to hear your voice, feel your kiss and see you grow.
Our hearts are broken.
We love you, Bella.
At the time Queensland was wrongly diagnosed, 2013 summer steering dogs, four years old, died from swallowing their batteries.
The coroner reviewed the similarities between these cases and now has to decide whether to investigate Isabella\'s death.
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