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by:CTECHi     2019-12-04
Last week, old anikett swallowed a button battery at his home in Warje, and then he had to go to a hospital where the doctor took the object out with an endoscope. Arushi (5)
Last month, a button battery was taken into Kothrud\'s home.
Instead of seeing a doctor immediately, her parents chose to treat them at home.
However, the corrosive substances in the battery seriously affected her food tube and she had to undergo surgery to repair the damage.
The use of battery buttons in the home is increasing and the handling is not careful, which makes it easier for children to accidentally swallow these round and silver objects than ever before.
The button battery is used for toys and other household appliances such as calculators and even watches.
Many toys and gadgets now use button batteries, their presence at home has increased, and it is easy for children to play with them, resulting in accidental intake, the hospital of Ashesh Bavdekar Kham in Rasta Peth said.
Bavdekar sees about three to four boxes of kids taking button batteries each month.
They\'re easy to get, small in size, shiny-
Smooth surfaces make them easy to swing, he says.
Experts say parents should not rely solely on home remedies when the child swallows the battery, as this can lead to health complications. âx80x9cIf it (button battery)
It will be stuck in the food tube even within a few hours, which can cause tissue damage.
Bavbavdekar said that if it enters the stomach and is small in size, it is likely that the child will not have any problems, it will pass through the stool, and added that if the cells are stuck in the food tube, must be removed immediately, preferably within two hours.
The doctor suggested that parents give honey to their children (
Every 10-2 tablespoons
Up to six doses for 15 minutes)
When taking the child to the hospital, prevent the button battery from being ingested.
This has been shown to reduce damage to the food pipeline.
Bavbavdekar said parents should avoid giving their children anything else to eat or drink. However, over-
It may be dangerous to rely on family relief.
Pediatrin Shah, a pediatrician at the Mother and Child Care Hospital, said that the use of laxatives or excessive consumption of bananas sometimes results in a strong intestinal propulsion wave, which may increase the chances of perforation, adding that, if the child needs an endoscopic examination, an empty stomach is required for anesthesia.
What happens when the intake battery stays in the body for hours?
When asked, Shah said, after contact with the mucosa
The membrane that arranges various cavities in the body)
Shah said the intake of batteries could start burning and the damage would start in a few minutes.
Pediatric gastrologist Vishnu Biradar at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital has found more than 100 cases in the past eight years of practice, at least 8-
10 children have complications such as bleeding and perforation after taking in the battery.
\'We still don\'t have data to integrate children who suffocate after taking these batteries, \'he said.
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