Nissan plans to use cobalt-free batteries on the car

by:CTECHi     2021-09-14
According to Nikkei News, Nissan plans to start using cobalt-free batteries in electric vehicles around 2025, with the aim of reducing the cost of electric vehicles. Nissan's development of electric vehicle batteries chooses high nickel and decobaltization. Nissan said that the Ariya electric car will be launched in the middle of this year, and the cobalt content of the battery of this model will be reduced to 10%. Ariya was announced in 2020. At that time, it was announced that the Ningde era ternary square battery cell was used. Combined with the information released by Nissan this time, there is a high probability that the Ningde era 8-series high-nickel battery was selected. The biggest driving force for cobalt removal is cost reduction. Nissan’s goal is to reduce the cost of electric vehicle batteries from the current US$150 per kilowatt-hour to less than US$100 per kilowatt-hour by around 2030. High nickel and decobaltization are becoming the common choice of more and more international car companies. Prior to this, Tesla had proposed the goal of cobalt-free, and GM also announced to increase the development and industry of low-cobalt and cobalt-free batteries. change. The choice of international car companies has already been reflected on the battery side. It is reported that since the beginning of this year, the demand for high nickel batteries in the CATL has increased significantly, mainly for export overseas. It is expected that high nickel batteries will account for more than half of its ternary shipments in 2021. Different from the high nickel and low cobalt direction of international car companies, domestic car companies are currently more inclined to switch to LFP batteries. At present, car companies including GAC Aian, JAC, Xiaopeng, Nezha, etc. are all accelerating the addition of LFP battery versions to their main models. Gaogong lithium battery is expected to be based on the obvious cost advantage of LFP batteries. Its proportion of mid-to-low-end models under 500km will increase significantly.
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