nissan, nec group in lithium-ion battery venture

by:CTECHi     2020-01-13
TOKYO (Reuters)-
Nissan Motor Co. , Japan(7201. T), NEC Corp. (6701. T)
And NEC Tokin6759.
T said on Friday that they will set up a joint venture to produce lithium
From 2009, ion batteries will be used in hybrid cars and other electric vehicles, and will challenge competitors in promising areas. Lithium-
Ion batteries, once thought to be too unsafe and unstable for vehicle use, are considered a key factor in reducing high-end consumers and car manufacturers paying for today\'s gasoline
Electric hybrids because they can store power in smaller, lighter stacks.
Now all commercial hybrid cars use nickel.
Metal hydrogen batteries.
As drivers around the world become more aware of fuel economy and pollution, Nissan has lost market share in Toyota. (7203. T)
Honda Motor Company(7267. T)in the all-important U. S.
Its sales in 2006 fell 5% from a year earlier to 1.
2 million units
Nissan and NEC\'s breakthrough in a competitive business could make Japan third.
The biggest car manufacturer in the game will provide the next
In the past decade, this generation of \"green\" cars has lagged behind larger domestic competitors.
Minoru Shinohara, Nissan\'s senior vice president, said at a press conference: \"The development of battery technology will be a decisive factor in bringing tomorrow\'s electric vehicles closer to reality . \".
He noted that Nissan started research in this area as early as 1992 and took the lead in applying it to electric vehicles and other vehicles.
Kashima Konosuke, executive vice president of NEC, said the joint venture\'s goal is to occupy the largest share of the global automotive market --
Using rechargeable batteries, some estimate that the price of rechargeable batteries has grown to around 300 billion yen. $2. 5 billion)by 2015.
Shinohara said the technology behind the partner\'s latest lithium
The ion battery is half the capacity of the traditional battery, twice the capacity of the traditional battery, it is ready and is now preparing for mass production and commercial.
* Please double the relevant analysis-
Click on once production starts in 2009, the joint venture, known as the Automotive Energy Supply Company (AESC)
It\'s half owned by the 42-year-old Nissan.
NEC 5% and 7.
NEC Tokin\'s 5% will provide batteries for Nissan\'s first in-house-developed hybrid car scheduled for launch in 2010.
The joint venture will also be committed to providing other members of the industry with what Carlos Tavares, executive vice president of Nissan, has said, indicating that the automaker is committed to doing its part for the environment, and ensure the sustainable development of enterprises.
Under an initiative called \"Nissan Green Plan 2010\" released in December, Renault SA holds 44% Nissan cars (RENA. PA)
, By gradually reducing specific targets for harmful emissions
Increase recycling efforts and develop various engine and vehicle technologies.
Including its own gasoline.
Plug-in hybrid
Pure electric and fuel hybrid vehiclescell vehicles —
Lithium will be used for all this. ion batteries.
Toyota is the world\'s most profitable carmaker and the first to sell gasoline.
In 1997, a battery joint venture was established between electric hybrid vehicles and Panasonic Electric Power Industry Co. , Ltd. (6752. T)
Panasonic Electric Vehicle Energy Co. , Ltd.
It mainly supplies Toyota cars.
Industry experts say Toyota may launch its third-generation Prius hybrid by the end of next year. ion battery.
Other car manufacturers such as Honda and General Motors(GM. N)
And Daimler Chrysler.
DE is also working on lithium.
Ion battery technology
Shares of NEC Tokin closed on the 3 Th.
According to the joint venture, the company\'s share price rose 8% to 523 yen, against the overall market decline.
Nissan ended with a score of 1.
9% and NEC 1. 2 percent.
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