Nintendo Switch struggles to get a charge from a lot of battery packs

by:CTECHi     2020-03-28
The battery of the NintendoSwitch should last long enough for most people, but the road warrior may find it has an annoying charging quirk that requires them to buy a new portable battery
Nintendo\'s new hybrid home/handheld console will be released this Friday (read our review) with a USB-
Port C at the bottom.
You can use it to connect it to its dock and play games on TV.
But you can also use it to charge directly from the wall or from the battery pack using USBC cable.
Only you may have problems trying to play the switch while charging with a portable battery pack.
This is because Nintendo\'s console absorbs a relatively high voltage, so even with the insertion of many battery packs currently made for smartphones, your battery may continue to run out.
I have a 10,000 portable battery pack that charges my phone and tablet without sweating, but it has 2 5-
The Volt USB socket cannot provide enough juice for the switch to prevent the battery from running out during use.
In my experience, the switch is still missing about 1%-to-
When the system plays the game and connects to my portable charger, 2% of the battery power every 10 minutes.
This means that if you notice that your battery is running low and want to continue your Zelda adventure while plugging in most power groups, your battery will still run out and end up dying.
The reason for this problem is that the switch has 15-
Volt power cord, it may need something in the ballpark to give the processor the energy it needs to run.
There are similar problems with laptops.
Even the Razer Blade charged from USB
C, does not charge from most portable battery packs due to voltage differences.
If you want to charge the switch while playing, you may need something more powerful
$136 Maxoak USB like this-
Up to 16 power groups are supported. 8 volts.
This will get the job done, but it is also bulky, almost half the price of the switch.
Now, this is not to say that the switch will not charge at all from the standard mobile power bank.
In sleep mode, my battery recovered nearly 3% batteries when plugged in for 10 minutes.
This means that if you want to use your switch a lot, you want to plug it into a portable battery whenever you put it in your bag.
Otherwise, you may find that you can\'t charge and play when you really want to charge.
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