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by:CTECHi     2020-03-04
The IPhone 7 waterproof backpack battery box is configured with a capacity of 2500 mAh, which is the perfect combination of mobile phone power supply group and waterproof protective sleeve. it not only plays the role of necessary equipment, but also meets the user\'s mobile phone\'s waterproof and-Down, dust proof.Waterproof depth up to 5 m, can last 2 hours in water, preventThe drop function can reach a height of 4 m, which is high-End customers for tours, vacations and outdoor activities.
There are two swimsuit models on the scene to show the waterproof function of the product, you can answer the phone underwater, take photos, etc.It attracted a lot of viewers to watch.Consumers are surprised by the practical features of this technically advanced product.The backpack battery uses a 2500 mAh lithium polymer battery with an output and input voltage of 5 v but a current of 0.
8A and 0.
6A, respectively.
In terms of size, because the clip battery is customizedFor the iPhone 7, the frame is tightly wrapped around the mobile phone, and the specifications are naturally many. In view of the larger size, the weight of 115 grams is quite reasonable.When you are still thinking about what kind of spare battery case to buy for the iPhone to increase the service life of the iPhone, maybe you are already UOT, and Apple users have begun to choose smart charging to protect the battery case.
Mcdodo spare battery case, first of all he is a back-clip battery that can charge the phone.At the same time, built-in-In a real mobile phone chip, he has a separate receiving signal, a separate phone card, a separate call and text message, only through Bluetooth wireless transmission, let the phone voice, SMS, etc.In order to realize the functions of dual-card dual-standby, dual-cartoon words and dual-card SMS, Apple mobile phones are gathered on Apple devices.
Therefore, it is one: Apple double card double standby protective sleeve with a back-clamp battery, three-in-one black technology products.Mcdodo Ultra-Ultra-thin 2500 mAh extended battery back cover Black charging case for IPhone 7: iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 6 S/6 S Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus and other Apple phone versions, apple\'s mobile phone can be equipped with dual-card dual-stay, dual-card SMS, charging power bank function, 50 days standby, no roaming charges, no traffic experience, and a patented design.Apple\'s regular APP, the seventh generation upgrade kernel and many other advantages have also realized the dual-card dual standby function of Apple\'s mobile phone while realizing the charging of Apple\'s mobile phone, this is a comprehensive \\ \"Apple dual card dual standby protective sleeve for the battery\" practical product.
As a secondary card for mobile phones, battery life is also a concern for many users. compared with the K5 and K6 models launched in the previous mobile phone era, K8 back clips-Apple subThe card has extended a lot of time in standby time.Use the 7-generation card cool kernel, high energy-Save the standby chip, so that the standby back clip apple peel, standby time up to 50 days, effectively reduce the user\'s use of charging time.
At the same time, Mcdodo uses the Apple interface, which is also very convenient to charge. without dismantling the machine and charging with the Apple mobile phone, you can also remove the back and charge the back of the separate apple peel, which is easy to use.Apple recently put hundreds of thousands of users on the shelves for the safety of its users.
After Apple\'s review, it is safe and reliable to use the download on the Apple store.When using Mcdodo SuperSlim extended battery box, you need to download an app on your Apple device (from the Apple store, we are the official audit of Apple and use it ).His dual-Card call is the original operation of Apple\'s device.
all operations are implemented on Apple\'s mobile phone and only the phone card is placed.The main color of the back shell battery box is black, more durable, full of commercial atmosphere, mature and stable style should be favored by the workplace.The matte texture of the product shell is full, and in addition to the good feel, the visual effect is also enhanced;The shell is shiny in strong light.
Due to design reasons, the battery switch with the back clamp is not prone to accidents, so the manufacturer is still more cautious at this point.The edge of the battery box has a smooth handle to better satisfy the shape of the palm, while also enhancing the grip, the grip of one hand feels more comfortable.At the top of the battery box, a lot of space is reserved to ensure that the camera function can be used normally, we can see that the camera covered by the shell is also better protected, and the risk of scratches is greatly reduced.
The spare battery box allows you to get rid of the limitation of mobile power supply, so that the thin and thin protective cover can significantly prolong the battery life of the mobile phone, increase the number of calls and navigation time, and make the travel distance farther
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