New cooperation in the field of lithium battery safety testing raises new industry standards

by:CTECHi     2021-07-13

On April 23, Shenzhen Veertek Intelligent Instrument Co., Ltd. (VEERTEK, referred to as Vetek) and U.S. Mengpu'an Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (MPOWER, referred to as Mengpu'an) signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shanghai. Establish a global strategic partnership in the field of safety testing to jointly improve the technical level in the field of safety testing of lithium batteries and expand the international discourse power of both parties in the formulation of standards in this field.

Vitac is a Chinese company that focuses on core technologies in the field of new energy security monitoring. It is committed to providing services including Huawei, Apple, Xiaomi, BYD, Desai, Xinwangda, Global customers such as Xinnengde and Veken provide professional lithium battery and power battery safety monitoring solutions and efficient environmental monitoring solutions.

Mengpuan is a supplier headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA, focusing on the production of professional gas detection and alarm products and systems. The full range of gas safety monitoring and alarm products developed and produced by it provide comprehensive gas safety detection solutions for customers in the fields of industrial safety, emergency rescue, anti-terrorism, environmental protection and occupational health.

In recent years, global battery safety accidents have occurred frequently and the consequences have been shocking, such as the Boeing 787 'Dream' passenger plane lithium battery fire, dozens of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery fire and explosion events, Incidents in which people were injured by the explosion of the Apple iPhone battery, and the explosion of lithium batteries in residential areas causing injuries and deaths caused more and more people to pay attention to the safety of lithium batteries.

In order to better improve the safety of the use of lithium batteries, timely discover lithium batteries with micro-short circuit, internal corrosion, and leakage problems and intercept them on the lithium battery production line , All lithium battery manufacturers are strengthening the last process before the lithium battery leaves the factory-safety inspection. The DET series products produced by Vitek provide reliable and stable solutions for battery manufacturers to solve the above-mentioned problems that are prone to lithium batteries.

In order to further advance the technological progress in the field of lithium battery safety testing, Vitek has established an in-depth strategic partnership with the US alliance Pu’an to jointly share in the safety monitoring of lithium batteries and power batteries. And the research results of comprehensive solutions, actively develop monitoring instruments that meet market needs, continuously strengthen technological innovation and service upgrades, and provide our customers with first-class products and services. At the same time, through this strategic cooperation, the two parties will work together to further expand the global market share in the field of lithium battery safety monitoring and create greater commercial value.

In this strategic cooperation, Mengpuan also authorized Vitek to become the global general sales agent of its MP series products.

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