new aluminium battery for smartphones can be charged …

by:CTECHi     2020-01-22
American scientists say they have invented a cheap
Long-lasting flexible battery made of aluminum for smart phones that can be charged in just one minute.
The researchers detailed their findings in the journal Nature, saying that the new aluminum
Ion batteries have the potential to replace lithium-
Ion batteries for millions of laptops and mobile phones.
In addition to charging much faster, the new aluminum battery is safer than the existing lithium battery
Ion batteries occasionally catch fire, they added.
For a long time, researchers have been trying to develop a battery made of aluminum, a metal that is light in weight, relatively cheap in price, and has a large charging capacity.
Stanford said in a statement that a team led by Dai Hongjie, a professor of chemistry at Stanford University in California, accidentally discovered that graphite was a good partner of aluminum and made a breakthrough.
In the prototype, aluminum is used to make an anode with negative electricity, while graphite provides material for a cathode with positive electricity.
A prototype aluminum battery charges in a minute, scientists say. \"Lithium-
\"The Ion battery may be a fire hazard,\" said Professor Dai.
\"Even if you drill through it, our new battery won\'t catch fire.
The new batteries are also very durable and flexible, scientists say. While lithium-
The ion battery lasts about 1,000 cycles, and the new aluminum battery can continue to be used after more than 7,500 cycles without losing capacity.
It can also be bent or folded.
Professor Dai said larger aluminum batteries could also be used to store renewable energy on the Internet.
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