my country's power lithium battery company builds plants in Europe to speed up

by:CTECHi     2021-09-17
Following the Ningde era and Honeycomb Energy, another Chinese power lithium battery company plans to land a European battery factory. Foreign media reported that AVIC Lithium is planning to establish a power lithium battery factory in Europe. It has established a subsidiary to promote the development of the project and is responsible for pre-sales and after-sales services in Europe. However, it has not yet provided any information on the European factory schedule. information. Although AVIC Lithium has not officially announced the European plant construction information, it has already deployed ahead of schedule and actively promoted its globalization strategy. Liu Jingyu, chairman of AVIC Lithium Battery, said at the signing ceremony of the Jiangsu Phase 4 project, 'At present, the company is also actively planning to deploy overseas institutions, establishing European companies to provide customers with technical support and pre-sales and after-sales services, and quickly promote the European plant.' It is reported that AVIC Lithium Battery has passed Honda's fixed point of development and Smart's fixed point of mass production, and officially launched the batch supply of Guangfeng supporting batteries, and the supporting batteries for Guangben will also be delivered soon. This means that the technical strength and product strength of AVIC Lithium Battery have been recognized by the world's leading OEMs. In fact, behind AVIC Lithium’s plans for a European battery plant is the rapid rise in demand in the European battery market, and market competition continues to heat up. At present, the electrification process in Europe is accelerating, and there is a strong demand for power lithium batteries. Head battery companies in China, Japan, South Korea and local European battery companies are all accelerating the pace of building plants in Europe, and Europe has become the main front of the global power lithium battery new infrastructure. At present, many Chinese companies including CATL, Honeycomb Energy, Funeng Technology, Weihong Power and other Chinese companies have announced the construction of battery plants in Europe. The important purpose is to provide nearby supporting services for their European customers, to seize the European power market, and to compete with Japan and South Korea. Battery companies start to compete head-on and raise the level of international competition. The above-mentioned battery companies have either received huge battery orders from European OEMs, or have secured projects from a certain OEM. As a whole, they have entered the supply chain of international car companies and have become important competitors of Japanese and Korean battery companies. In terms of supplier selection, more and more international car companies are now leaning towards my country’s power lithium battery companies. The reason is that my country’s power lithium battery companies have already established their technical strength, manufacturing capabilities, supply chain management capabilities, and cost competitiveness. Meet the requirements of international car companies. Under this circumstance, it is expected that a group of Chinese power lithium battery companies with automotive-grade product technical strength and international vision will enter the scope of supply options for international OEMs in the later period, and then establish factories in Europe.
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