Musk\'s Tesla faces German battle over battery-powered homes

by:CTECHi     2019-11-24
FRANKFURT (Reuters)-
If Elon Musk\'s vision of the full power of millions of families becomes a reality, it will most likely come true in Germany first.
But he will face a fight against local companies with years of experience in renewable energy for market share.
South Africa-
Born entrepreneur Tesla, known for its electric vehicles, has sparked global interest in self-concept.
When it said it would start selling lithium in April,
Ion batteries for home use next year.
These batteries, known as poweralls, are connected to solar panels on the roof of the house, designed to store enough power during the day and drive the kettle and washing machine at night, raising the prospect that families can one day rely entirely on clean energy and be independent of the grid.
The challenge is great.
The technology does not allow most users to disconnect from the grid yet.
BSW of the German Solar Industry Association estimates that solar cells can improve the efficiency of solar power generation at present.
At least 60%.
Then the price.
The cost of purchasing and installing solar panels and batteries is approximately EUR 10,000 ($10,600)or more.
But technology is improving and costs are falling, and some analysts believe
More solar panels than anywhere in the world.
High price of electricity
Could be the first mass in the industry. market.
\"The business model of power batteries is becoming more and more attractive,\" said Norbert Schwieters, global utility leader at PwC Consulting, noting that the market is around 25,000 from now on.
If the market really takes off, Musk will compete with German companies with mature retail networks and years of experience in solar equipment management.
While acknowledging Musk\'s marketing strategy
Powerballs was built at his \"Gigabit factory\" in the Nevada desert.
Some of these competitors believe that he has caused a stir in household power storage batteries and will eventually benefit them.
\"Tesla has made sure they are seen as a lifestyle gadget,\" said Volker Wachenfeld, who is in charge of SMA Solar hybrid energy and storage solutions . \".
SMA Solar is one of a number of German companies with ambitions in the market, including SENEC\'s Sonnenbatterie. IES and Varta.
Daimler Accumotive will also launch a product, while Solarwatt, owned by BMW\'s main shareholder Stefan Quandt, says it is ready to join the competition.
Supporters of Sonnenbatterie include E-in Germany-
Capital and Czech company Inven Capital have sold about 8,500 batteries in Europe, most of them in Germany, but their ambitions have increased further.
\"The biggest challenge for our generation is to switch to renewable and cheap energy supplies,\" it said 32-year-
The old general manager of Philip Schroeder.
\"I started this vision and now want to bring it to global success.
Schroeder knows Tesla very well.
Until earlier this year, he had been working there, leading operations in Germany and Austria, and launching the Tesla car charging point network in Germany.
He switched jobs for his old employer, Sonnenbatterie, just as Tesla prepared for its European home --battery push.
However, Tesla has made Germany one of its three launch markets for Powerballs, and it is ready to fight.
It has established partnerships with German companies Beegy and LichtBlick in order to benefit from local expertise.
\"Tesla is working with leading German and international solar PV companies (photovoltaic)
\"Dealers and installers will provide complete solar PV solutions, including photovoltaic panels, solar PV inverters and installations,\" the company said . \".
The second one
Retail electricity costs are the highest in Europe, partly due to government bankruptcy
Promote renewable energy, and if the German economy can benefit from it, it will reap huge benefits --
Increase power grid capacity offline.
Germany boasts about 39 GW (GW)
Solar installed capacity, bringing its total capacity to nearly 200 GW, is more than twice the level required in theory.
Lots of expensive back
Power needs to be increased when the sun is not bright.
If solar energy can be stored in homes, offices and factories, many power stations in the country can be scrapped and transmission systems do not have to cost billions of euros.
Incentives for solar producers to supply surplus power to the State Grid will end on 2021, giving them reason to store more power themselves.
Speaking of growing interest in power batteries, Herbert schern, CEO of Varta Microbattery said: \"First of all, it\'s a technology enthusiast and today it\'s a host of homeowners . \".
Schein estimates that sales of Varta\'s energy storage devices have doubled this year.
\"In the future, we will increase small companies and farmers,\" he said . \".
The battery systems of different suppliers may be different, but the overall cost has decreased, lithium
After pushing the lead battery away, the ion battery pack is normal.
Has a long, thin, curved appearance and is made into a wall
Installed, Tesla\'s Powerwall is designed to attract fashion
Conscious consumers who agree to cooperate
Musk says traditional batteries are \"too bad \".
The batteries provided by most German suppliers can be placed in the basement, which is common in German homes and only takes up space for a small refrigerator.
A smaller battery can be a wall. mounted too.
Batteries are sold at a peak of about 1,000 euros per kilowatt (kWp)-
Experts say the technology is economically meaningful for buyers.
Average 4-
Families that usually require a 5kwp system.
Tesla said that the wholesale cost of 7kwp Powerwall, including VAT, will reach 3,615 euros.
Sonnenbatterie announced a small battery of 3,599 euros this week-
A discounted price can be obtained if the buyer joins the company\'s sonnen community program.
It provides a complete home solar power generation and storage system in 9,000-13,000 euros. ($1 = 0. 9448 euros)
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