Most Cuckoo Jackass Contest Entry: 25MPH Motorized File Cabinet

by:CTECHi     2019-12-20
See what\'s in today\'s Mail!
File cabinet in Hell
Die-hard asshole fan and file cabinet mod-
Drug addict Jeff Stevens tracks the gems we have fallen to today, the headquarters of the WonderHowTo website.
This is his official entry into the Fool prank competition. Confused?
Well, it\'s the filing cabinet (obviously)
Motor with 25 miles/hour (not obviously). . . .
This is just his \"envelope \".
26 documents were filled in (
One letter each in the alphabet)
Contains his various prank entries.
The inside of this cabinet has a Toyota truck start motor welded to the frame of the cabinet.
An original chain drive is connected to the motor and the motor is connected to the shaft again.
Pure torque.
Intermittent, nothing in the middle.
There is a monster dry battery for power. Why dry cell?
Because, stupid, if the file cabinet is upright, you will have battery acid all over your body.
Jeff is a car driver who works for a car magazine in Los Angeles.
He told us that he had a week off to build this stupid Temple.
It is very heavy. He needs a few friends to drag it to our office.
I think this is the \"green\" version of the asshole Department of Transport.
One of Jeff\'s prank ideas is to install a filing cabinet that gives a huge stun gun impact to the full metal case.
I took a quick look, sir.
The filing cabinet was so manipulated.
Fortunately, this shocking prank has not yet been executed.
In this death trap, we almost lost the magic CTO.
He was the first person to find out that it was not equipped with brakes.
Mysterious passers-by are taking out their camera phones and looking forward to the massacre on the streets of Santa Monica. Haha. . . .
Darling, our prank!
FYI, less than 72 hours before submitting the Jackass 3D prank contest. . . .
Receive your entries before 11: 59 p. m. eastern time on September 26, 2010.
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