Mixcder E7 review: Comfortable active noise cancelling headphones offer a solid sound experience

by:CTECHi     2020-03-11
If you usually buy cheap headphones, you may be a little hesitant about the price. At $69.
99, E7 is hardly a luxury price for a pair of headphones because some are highend ones .
However, if you\'re the kind of person who buys $5 headphones at a pharmacy every time your current headset stops working, the price can make you a little nervous.
But the money is worth it.
There are 40mm driver units in the headset (speakers)
Create an immersive experience with a 95 dB sound pressure level.
E7 includes active noise cancellation, which when turned on does a good job of reducing background noise to get a cleaner sound.
Ear pads also help to block the outside.
The headset can be connected via the audio jack or via Bluetooth wireless to the device.
The Bluetooth connection is powerful to a large extent.
Its transmission range is 10 m, but it works best when the device it pairs does not move too much.
When I was walking around with my headphones and my phone in my pocket, the audio was a bit choppy.
But Bluetooth pairing is a fairly common problem.
While listening to music on a paired device, you can adjust the volume and skip forward and backward through the track.
While it is sometimes difficult to figure out which buttons are which when wearing headphones, these buttons are easily accessible.
E7 also has a built-in
In the microphone so you can answer the phone.
Comfortable to wear.
I have a big head so I don\'t usually buy it myself when I find the headphones a little tight.
But I don\'t have this problem here.
The headband extends a bit more than the other headphones I \'ve tried, and its soft buff is a bit off the pressure.
Charging via a micro USB, the E7 uses a 400 mAh lithium battery to provide about 20 hours of music play/Talk (
18 hours when active noise cancellation is turned on).
Overall, they are of good quality.
I mean, the price of the Mixcder E7 headset is no more than $4,500, but the audio is clear and it\'s easy to compare with products with similar prices.
You can buy a pair from there. .
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