Ministry of Science and Technology: High specific energy power battery has achieved phased progress, with an energy density of 302Wh/kg

by:CTECHi     2021-07-26

It was learned from the Ministry of Science and Technology on May 19 that with the support of the key special project of the national key research and development plan 'New Energy Vehicles'Ru0026D and integrated applications' have made phased progress, and have completed the development of battery cell samples with energy densities of 281Wh/kg and 302Wh/kg.

The project team focuses on the development of high specific energy, high safety, and long-life power batteries. Through battery model simulation and analysis, the new positive electrode is analyzed from the perspective of material system matching and cell design process. Materials, silicon-based anode materials and high-safety electrolytes have carried out in-depth research and technical research. At present, the use of high nickel cathode materials to match silicon-based anode materials to achieve a single battery energy density of 281Wh/kg, 1C rate charge and discharge room temperature cycle 350 times to maintain 80% capacity; use lithium-rich cathode materials to match silicon-based anode materials to achieve a single battery The energy density reaches 302Wh/kg, and the capacity is kept 80% after 195 cycles of 0.5C times the charge and discharge at room temperature. The project broke through the material system matching technology, pole piece processing and preparation technology and environmental control technology of high specific energy cells, and achieved significant results in cell pole piece design, cell preparation process technology, performance and safety performance testing, etc. A standardized operation process and development platform for the development of high specific energy batteries have been formed. The research results of the project will be gradually expanded and applied to the research and development of various power battery products, providing a key foundation for the development of my country's high specific energy and high safety lithium-ion batteries.

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