Mining data value leading smart power lithium battery smart manufacturing strategy

by:CTECHi     2021-09-13
From the perspective of the lithium battery industry, policy, market and technology upgrades are driving the rapid development of the industry, and the challenges of energy conservation and efficiency, cost reduction and quality improvement, and safety assurance are superimposed, forcing power lithium battery manufacturing to undergo upgrading and reformation. On March 20th, hosted by Gaogong Robotics, Gaogong Lithium Battery, and Gaogong Consulting, the 2021 Lithium-ion Battery Intelligent Manufacturing Summit was reopened in Shenzhen. 800 guests from lithium-ion batteries, smart equipment, manufacturing lines, warehousing and logistics, etc. gathered together to discuss the leap of intelligent manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries. At the meeting, Yang Zhengyu, CTO of Industrial Digitalization of Leading Intelligence Research Institute, delivered a keynote speech entitled 'Digital Strategy for Power Lithium Battery Production' from the perspective of industrial data value mining. △Yang Zhengyu, CTO of Industrial Digitalization of Pioneer Intelligent Research Institute, Yang Zhengyu pointed out that the current installed capacity of new energy vehicles is insufficient, the expansion of lithium battery is urgent, and the level of automation of production lines is high. However, we are still facing the problem of quality, the level of lean needs to be improved, and the insufficient level of online quality enhancement. With the development of automation, IoT, intelligence, and digital technology, the intelligent transformation of different business scenarios in the industry value chain is bringing new opportunities for high efficiency, low consumption, high quality and lean. However, it is worth noting that the development of digital technology at this stage has been relatively mature, but due to the lack of proof of the scene, its important value is still less manifested. Especially in the field of power lithium battery manufacturing, core application scenarios such as real-time monitoring and maintenance, production safety improvement, supply chain and logistics, cost reduction, efficiency improvement, product/equipment life extension, etc., must achieve data aggregation optimization and output data value. Focusing on thinking about evidence and data in new ways, Pioneer Intelligence uses data science and insight scenarios to realize data value mining including big data, thick data, and wide data. Big data: Big data analysis is more concerned with the physical meaning of data and the mechanism logic of characteristic relevance. Thick data: The thick data solution refers to the use of anthropological qualitative research methods to explain data, which aims to reveal why it is necessary to do so. Broad Data: Industrial Broad Data focuses on how to use it, analyzing causality and measuring confidence. From the point of view of Pioneer Intelligence, industrial data value mining is a product of the integration and co-evolution of the industrial ecosystem, with scenario algorithms as the core engine, data as the key production factor, ecology as an important commercial carrier, and openness and win-win as the mainstream cooperation model. At present, the layout path of leading intelligence in industrial digitalization includes the intelligent closed-loop driving the integration of IT information systems and OT production systems driven by industrial data; the integration of IOT promotes the evolution of digital twin virtual computing; and the improvement of product quality through algorithm optimization and predictive analysis , Realize RUNTORUN quality control. As the world's leading service provider of integrated solutions for intelligent manufacturing, Leading Intelligence is currently the only service provider of integrated solutions for lithium-ion batteries with complete independent intellectual property rights. Pioneer Intelligence can provide customers with lithium-ion batteries covering square shells, cylinders, soft packs, etc., from the production of battery cell pole pieces, cell assembly, chemical composition and capacitance testing to modules/packs, including the whole line of lithium-ion battery solutions. Method, and by matching the self-developed intelligent logistics system and MES intelligent factory software, supplemented by the research on digital twins, human-computer interaction, intelligent perception, machine vision, laser technology and other leading technologies, to provide customers with lithium-ion battery Industry 4.0 intelligence factory. Yang Zhengyu finally emphasized that big data and smart equipment have been elevated to a considerable height in the national policy. I believe that the competition of equipment companies in the future will be the competition of technological innovation and application.
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