Mini’s hybrid Countryman puts performance above planet-saving

by:CTECHi     2019-11-24
Mini edminier\'s first plug-
Get at the hot hatch of the hybrid package-up-and-
Go in a green cloak.
Cooper\'s fellow country all 4, which will arrive in Australia on April or 3, is a fast, small SUV and a part
Electric cars of the times. When the three-
The cylinder engine that drives the front wheel works with the motor connected to the rear wheel, and the Mini provides a serious push at the back. The plug-
In the existing countryman series, John Cooper\'s work has begun to accelerate to compete with the hottest models.
Soon: Mini Cooper\'s \"E country man all 4\" will soon expire here for about $60: It\'s not exactly a surprise because of the speed of this electrified country man
It\'s basically driven by the same device.
The BMW i8 super sports car costs up to $300,000.
BMW has the Mini brand.
Australian price for country plug-
But the Mini\'s European pricing policy says the price is about $60,000.
Fashion in BMW, scissors-
The turbine engine and its transmission are behind the cabin and the electric drive is on the front wheel.
These positions are reversed in the plugin
But its turbocharged three-cylinder engine and induction motor are closely related to the i8.
They just keep a little low for the Mini.
BMW\'s perky 1 is for the Countryman. 5-
Up to 100 KW through six-offerspeed auto.
The maximum output of the powerful motor is 65 KW, driven by a simple single motor
Speed transmission.
There is a 36 L tank for the engine and 7. 6kWh lithium-
The ion battery under the back seat stores power for the motor.
Tap the switch: there is a battery-
Only hybrid and charging drive modes: It\'s simple to choose a supplier that drives electric.
On the dashboard, under the large circular center dial, there is a switch that switches the three modes of the car.
With Max eDrive selected, E Countryman will only rely on the battery to run at speeds of up to 125 km/h until the power drops to near empty power.
In eDrive, the car is a hybrid.
In this mode, the power can reach 80 km/h, but mainly depends on the gasoline engine, which turns off to save fuel when the throttle is released and still.
Save battery mode use the engine to drive the car and charge the battery to 90 cents.
This increases fuel consumption, but retains or improves battery charging when needed.
This is a model specially designed for Europe, in Europe, plug
Vehicles are permitted in some urban areas, traditional cars are prohibited, or are obliged to pay for them.
No matter which mode is chosen, the full floor of the accelerator will always prompt E Countryman to provide maximum power for that impressive desire for a wide range of engines and motors
Turn on throttle performance.
The motor helps to intelligently get it off the line, and the contribution of the throaty turbo triple is increasing as the speed increases.
It is faster than a typical small SUV, and the fast response steering and good road grip also make driving more fun.
Some compromises: The Countryman SE ride is firm, and the electric motor occupies the space resources of the cargo: However, the motion suspension is provided, which also means that it will not ride bumps in great comfort.
The E Countryman electric motor installed under the rear floor slightly reduces the volume of the goods.
Some people will think that the interior style is overdone.
The seating passenger compartment is quite spacious and versatile. Judged on plug-
However, in strength, this electrified Countryman is not smart.
A relatively small battery means electricity.
Especially in the cold weather, the only range is not large.
On this road, Cooper\'s compatriot All4 has been on sale in the UK since 2017.
So we borrowed one there during the cold Christmas and New Year and accumulated over 800 km in two weeks.
The Mini usually charges 20 km per night-
Before automatically switching to the automatic eDrive mode and starting the engine, the battery power is only 30 km.
Countryman SE: Quick response, easy to charge but limited power
Only rangeSource: Available through the central screen of the car, using off-
Peak power or prepare the internal temperature for the selected departure time.
If the folks plug in the power supply, preheating the interior will attract the power grid and significantly expand the power drive range --
But even with this handy feature, the Mini won\'t be able to get close to its claimed 40 km electric range.
It may be warmer.
Short distance means that, despite the hard work of charging, only the battery power supply can be used to drive 35 of the total distance covered.
Nevertheless, it is worth doing.
Country House: typical mini look but comfortable and reasonable for five
Seater SUVSource: 95 gasoline needed to supply the Mini for $2.
In the UK, it costs £ 25 a litre, and the electricity bill there is a little cheaper than in most parts of Australia.
This means that the power-driven energy cost per kilometer is half the price of burning gasoline in a hybrid mode.
The consumption of car eHybrid mode is about 8. 0L/100km.
In Australia, where gasoline prices are much cheaper, the economic advantage will be much smaller.
The relatively short distance of electric driving also limits environmental benefits.
So, the first electrified Mini, paradoxically, works better in motion.
More important drivers than the planetsaver.
Put an \"E\" badge near the Countryman Plug
The front wheels are not just decorative.
The one on the left is the cover of the car charging port.
Adopt industry standard type 2 (or Mennekes)plug.
Charging from home power points takes more than three hours, while charging with a more powerful mini wallbox is less.
Port side: The badge covers the charging plug on the left-
Hand fadersource: The owner of the Mini brand, supply BMW, uses the exact same plug
In the hybrid system as one of its own products, the electrified countryman.
But BMW 225xe, a small man-
Mover is not for sale in Australia.
Source: supplier price $60,000 (est)
Security 5 starsENGINE 1. 5-litre 3-
Synchronous induction motor, 165 KW/385 NmTHIRST 2. 3L/100km0-100KM/H 6.
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