Mingguan New Materials cooperates with large lithium battery companies to form new growth points

by:CTECHi     2021-08-03

Recently, Mingguan New Materials Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Mingguan New Materials, stock code: 688560.SH), which has just landed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, will promote cooperation with large lithium battery companies, which may become a company New growth points for performance.

Lithium battery business may become a new growth point

The main products of Mingguan New Materials are solar battery backsheets and lithium The aluminum-plastic film for ion batteries is an important part of solar cells and soft-pack lithium batteries, respectively, which are used in new energy fields such as photovoltaic power generation modules and lithium batteries, and these two downstream fields have great potential in the future.

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Especially in the lithium battery, in recent years, with the lithium ion battery It is widely used in 3C smart digital products, new energy electric vehicles, and energy storage equipment. The rapid development of the lithium-ion battery industry has driven the rapid growth of market demand for aluminum-plastic film products for lithium-ion batteries.

With the increasingly prominent problems of global energy shortage, abnormal climate and environmental pollution, countries have strengthened their attention and support to the development of the renewable energy industry. The production and sales of energy electric vehicles have set corresponding targets. The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that under the current policy context, the global sales of new energy electric vehicles will reach 25 million by 2030, and the cumulative inventory will reach 140 million, and the demand for power lithium-ion batteries will increase exponentially.

The company has unique technologies and advantages in the field of lithium batteries. In the past, the aluminum-plastic film, the key material in the production of soft-packed lithium-ion batteries, currently mainly relies on imports. After more than ten years of research and development, the company has formed a dry-heat composite preparation technology of aluminum-plastic film products for lithium-ion batteries with completely independent intellectual property rights, and successfully realized the mass production of aluminum-plastic film products, especially in the field of power batteries. A breakthrough has been made in this regard. The aluminum-plastic film products produced by the company have good electrolyte resistance and water-blocking performance, while taking into account the characteristics of deep drawing performance and cutting performance. In the field of aluminum-plastic film products for power batteries, it has explored a realistic path for domestic substitution in the field of aluminum-plastic film products for power batteries.

In addition, in the development process, the company was invited to participate in the drafting and formulation of a number of national standards and industry group standards. In the field of aluminum-plastic film, the company participated in the drafting of the 'T/CIAPS0005-2018 aluminum-plastic composite film for lithium-ion battery' group standard formulated by the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association as a deputy team leader.

The company's aluminum-plastic film products have achieved mass production, and have passed product testing by many large power battery, 3C smart digital battery and energy storage battery manufacturers. With the release of the company's production capacity and the strengthening of market development, the company's aluminum-plastic film will be recognized and used by more and more battery manufacturers, further increasing the company's market share of aluminum-plastic film products.

According to related data query, BYD is the company's solar battery backsheet customer, and ZTE Paineng is the company's aluminum-plastic film customer. This means that the company's products have entered BYD, or will become the company's new growth point in the future.

The listing strengthens the competitiveness in the field of lithium batteries

It is worth noting that as the company goes public, the fundraising projects reach production In the field of lithium batteries, the company is expected to rise to the next level.

The company's IPO fundraising projects include: an annual output of 30 million square meters of solar battery backplane expansion project, an annual output of 10 million square meters of lithium battery aluminum plastic film expansion project, Expansion project and supplementary working capital project of Jiangxi Province Optoelectronic Composite Material Engineering Technology Research Center.

Among them, the main goal of the lithium battery aluminum-plastic film expansion project with an annual output of 10 million square meters is to increase the existing aluminum-plastic film production capacity to meet market demand. After the project is completed, the company's aluminum The total annual production capacity of plastic film is more than 13 million square meters.

In recent years, as lithium-ion batteries are widely used in 3C smart digital products, new energy electric vehicles, and energy storage equipment, the rapid development of the lithium-ion battery industry has driven lithium The market demand for aluminum-plastic film products for ion batteries is growing rapidly. The '13th Five-Year' National Strategic Emerging Industry Development Plan and other policies clearly mention and strongly support the development of the aluminum-plastic film industry, which is a key material for lithium-ion batteries.

The annual production capacity of 10 million square meters of lithium battery aluminum plastic film expansion project will be combined with the market demand of lithium ion batteries, in accordance with the technical development direction of aluminum plastic film, in the company's existing research results Based on this, transforming Ru0026D results into competitive aluminum-plastic film products can not only improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise, but also have a positive impact on the overall technical level and independent innovation capabilities of the domestic aluminum-plastic film industry.

The project will accelerate the realization of large-scale production of aluminum-plastic film products, and further increase the proportion of aluminum-plastic film products in the company’s main business income, thereby enabling the company to consolidate solar energy While maintaining the market position of battery backplanes, it will further enrich the product structure and improve the ability to resist risks.

After the project reaches production capacity, it is estimated that the annual average new sales income will be 173.40 million yuan, the net profit after tax will be 25.817 million yuan, the after-tax internal rate of return is 35.22%, and the after-tax investment recovery period is 3.55 In 2015, it has strong anti-risk ability and good profitability.

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