Mercedes E300 BlueTEC Hybrid

by:CTECHi     2020-04-04
The E300 BlueTEC Hybrid is an actual step towards achieving the company\'s established emissions targetsfree driving.
We opened the pre-
In order to understand the latest technology of MB, cosmetic models (as shown in the figure ).
The German luxury brand diesel hybrid system is very interesting because it is relatively compact and is able to control itself in the engine compartment, not on the boots!
Most hybrid cars have a large battery pack, either mounted behind the back seat or under the back seat, or installed in the space you expect to find the spare wheel, which will obviously damage the boot space.
This is not the case in Merc.
MB has managed to place the motor in the gearbox housing with lithium
Ion battery pack not far from there.
It deserves warm applause.
The E300 BlueTEC delivers power to the rear wheels through the combination fourcylinder, 2. 2-
1 liter diesel engine (2, 143cc) and electric motor. Mercedes-
Mercedes-Benz cited engine performance data for 204hp and 500nm torque.
The motor provides further torque of 27hp and 250nm.
For hybrid cars, you don\'t just simply add the two sets of performance numbers of the engine and the motor to get the overall power number of the car, but, because of the best statement, hybrid black magic, instead, it reduced the total amount!
Maximum speed of 242 km/h
100/hour is only 7 kilometers.
8 seconds through special design, 7-speed \'G-
Tronic plus automatic gearbox.
You may think that the automatic gearbox uses a wet clutch, not a torque converter.
The wet clutch enables the engine to be completely detached, enabling the motor to power the car itself.
Eco Stop/Start is a standard configuration.
The E300 BlueTEC Hybrid obviously has respectable performance, but the fuel consumption brings a lot of savings.
4 MB quotation consumption.
3 liters of joint circulation;
In fact, this number is the same for people outside cities and cities. urban cycles!
Emissions from five countries are very low.
When fitted with 17-, the carbon dioxide content of the seat salon is only 111g/kminch alloys -
This means that the road tax is only 200 euros per year!
Standard kit includes leather seats (heated on the front), multiple
To name just a few, the leather steering wheel features a USB and Bluetooth connection.
On the road, the car is set up for comfort, which is fine, but when turning or driving, the soft suspension is very obvious with the tilt and turn of the car
May be a little refreshing.
The E300 BlueTEC Hybrid is a machine with a weight of 1,845 kg.
The way it is handled is by no means shocking, but it is quirky.
Especially when you are almost Still, the regenerative brakes will also bite hard.
Like the car turns, it takes a little bit of time for the left pedal to fit in.
In the worst case, a slight bump during parking can wake up the sleeping front passenger.
The hybrid unit can run the E-Class Merc-on its own at speeds up to 160 km/h while charging-
When the car does not bear too much load.
MB calls this function \"sail \".
Drivers don\'t have buttons to choose electric car mode, fuel is relatively small
Save gimmicks, displays, or meters.
The price starts at 56,325 euros: due to the addition of 57,930 euros of Iridium Silver metallic paint, the price of our test car is 1,605 euros.
Driving the E300 BlueTEC Hybrid and most Mercs, you will be content to sit down and simply follow the flow.
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