Meet the new smart home chip with a ridiculous 10-year battery life

by:CTECHi     2019-12-17
Although the future of our family is inevitably \"intelligent --
Smart phone, smart TV, smart home appliances, smart wearable devices
The word \"smart home\" is still misnomer.
But this week, SoC Semiconductor designer Sigma Designs released a new chip that can open the door to the smart home we \'ve always imagined.
Sigma\'s new smart home platform Z-Wave 700-
Series, chip with years of battery life and amazing sensor life of more than 10 years.
All of this comes from a coin. cell battery.
But despite its scale and low power radio performance, 700-
There are 300 feet series in the series, which can cover multiple seriesstory house.
Don\'t miss out: This $27 box is Z-of DVR \"Sigma without cable company-Wave 700-
Raoul wijgerangs, Sigma design Z-vice president, said: \"The series of chips will completely reshape the meaning of smart home
Wave division.
\"It solves many of today\'s technical barriers and is also the most flexible and interoperable platform to bring smart home functionality to a new level. ”“700-
The series opens up opportunities for new types of sensors that were previously impossible, while significantly improving the categories of existing devices, \"he continued. “700-
The series is creating a path to complete home installation from dozens of Z-
Hundreds of Z-
Wave devices are available in every home.
Our new platform ensures the environment from smart homes to real smart homes.
So you might want to know the potential use cases at this point. Everything.
That\'s the answer to Sigma design.
These sensors can be placed in smart devices, in furniture, in Windows, or in anything in your home. With a 10-
With a year\'s life, you can put these chips anywhere without worrying about replacing them in ten years.
Therefore, the real smart home has become a reality.
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