Market analysis of lithium battery packs and battery packs

by:CTECHi     2021-07-15

Recently, many people have asked the editor, what is a lithium battery pack? Actually, I am also a masked face. The editor only knows about lithium battery packs, but I don’t understand the relationship between lithium battery packs and lithium battery packs. . Therefore, diligence can make up for the weakness, I went to find some materials to learn, and then I will share with you, hoping to help you. 1. What does lithium battery PACK mean? Battery PACK mainly refers to the processing, assembly and packaging of lithium battery packs in the early days. The process of assembling lithium battery cells into groups is called PACK, which can be a single battery or a lithium battery pack connected in series and parallel. PACK includes battery pack, bus bar, flexible connection, protection board, outer packaging, output (including connector), barley paper, plastic bracket and other auxiliary materials together to form PACK. The lithium battery PACK system uses a mechanical structure to connect many individual cells in series and parallel, and considers the system's mechanical strength, thermal management, BMS matching and other issues. Its main technology is embodied in the overall structure design, welding and processing technology control, protection level, active thermal management system, etc. Second, the characteristics of lithium battery PACK ① PACK lithium battery pack requires the battery to have a high degree of consistency (capacity, internal resistance, voltage, discharge curve, life). ②The cycle life of the battery pack PACK is lower than that of a single battery. ③Used under limited conditions (including charging, discharging current, charging method, temperature, etc.) ④The battery voltage and capacity of the lithium battery pack PACK are greatly improved after molding, and must be protected by charging equalization, temperature, voltage and Overcurrent monitoring. ⑤The battery PACK must meet the voltage and capacity requirements of the design. 3. Lithium battery pack and battery pack market analysis ● Lithium battery pack market prospect analysis: Lithium battery packs are popular among data centers, power vehicles, etc. due to their advantages of high energy density, high voltage, environmental protection, long life and fast charging. Computer rooms, communication base stations and other industries are sought after, especially their contribution to the new energy automobile industry. It is estimated that in the next 5 to 10 years, its industrial chain will achieve self-improvement and development of the industry ecology, and the industrial scale is expected to exceed 160 billion yuan. Driven by the development and commercialization of energy storage technology, through the comprehensive transformation of the existing power system, a next-generation grid that is efficient, self-healing, economical, compatible, integrated and safe will be constructed. The development of energy storage will promote the acceleration of lithium battery pack enterprises Layout industry, the market scale of lithium battery pack industry is expected to grow rapidly. ●Analysis of the status quo of lithium battery PACK: battery PACK: PACK means packaging, encapsulation, and assembly. The process is divided into three parts: processing, assembly, and packaging. At present, various manufacturers generally use semi-automatic PACK assembly lines, which are mainly used for PACK on-line, off-line, testing, in-plant transmission and packaging. With the rapid development of industry, more and more customers require the integration of PACK and module MES system for better management and quick query, which is not a small problem for system integrators. challenge. At this stage, the domestic power battery PACK level gap is very wide, and there are few high-quality PACK manufacturers in the industry that can truly meet the needs of downstream vehicle manufacturers. This has led to some automation integrators with strong technical capabilities, excellent design solutions and rich industry experience in lithium battery production. Favored by enterprises. my country's lithium battery PACK technology is generally implemented by three types of subjects: battery cell manufacturing companies, vehicle manufacturing companies and third-party independent or joint venture professional PACK companies. According to incomplete statistics, 60-70% of PACKs are completed by battery cell companies, 10-20% are completed by vehicle companies, and 20% are completed by third parties. Industry insiders believe that if PACK companies want to stand out in the future market competition, they must eliminate traditional assembly processes and production methods. At the same time, lithium battery pack PACK manufacturers need to continuously enhance their Ru0026D capabilities, improve product quality, and realize production automation. . Automated and intelligent production methods may become an important indicator for considering PACK lithium batteries.

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