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by:CTECHi     2021-07-21

Which lithium battery pack manufacturers are there? There are not many lithium battery pack manufacturers, but they have strong overall performance. The lithium battery pack has the characteristics of flexible design, light weight, low internal resistance, not easy to explode, many cycles, and high energy density. Become the new favorite of lithium battery companies. Soft-pack lithium battery companies are becoming more and more competitive in their products. Who are the soft-pack lithium battery manufacturers? Today I will talk about it in detail. How many manufacturers of lithium battery packs are there? Foreword: Soft-packed lithium battery packs have a great effect on the overall performance of the entire lithium battery. It has become an industry trend. The domestic soft-packed lithium battery capacity industry is increasing Obviously, it is achieving an investment growth rate higher than the scale of industry expansion. What are the manufacturers of soft pack lithium batteries? First, Cuneng Electric Co., Ltd.-a professional manufacturer of lithium battery UPS and lithium battery packs Cuneng Electric is a power supply company dedicated to the development and application of lithium battery UPS and lithium battery packs. As a power supply provider with lithium batteries as energy storage, the company's products are widely used in: communications, electricity, public security, finance, networking, medical, security, industrial automation, rail transit, aerospace and navigation and other fields. Energy storage electrical lithium battery packs have the advantages of light weight, high energy density, small size, long service life, no memory effect, fast charging, no explosion and no fire, environmental protection and green, etc. They are deeply loved by customers and occupy a place in the lithium energy storage market. . Lithium battery packs are popular all over the country and have received praise from customers. Cuneng Electric lithium battery pack manufacturers continue to develop and innovate products, adhere to the design and development concepts of safety, efficiency, energy saving, and green, and provide users in various industries with safe, stable and efficient lithium battery products and solutions. 2. Cane New Energy Co., Ltd. Cane New Energy specializes in the research and development, production and sales of soft-pack lithium-ion batteries. The company has the world's advanced Ru0026D technology and production process for soft-pack lithium batteries. The power lithium-ion battery developed and produced has high specific energy, high specific power, long cycle life and good safety. The company has established ISO9001 quality management system, ISO/TS16949 quality management system, and ISO14001 environmental management system. Continuously make technical improvements, improve product performance, and provide high-quality products and services. A mass-produced ternary soft-pack lithium battery has been formed, with a single cell of 220wh/kg, and a cell with a single energy density of 250wh/kg is planned for mass production. The production capacity is expected to reach 6GWH, and the production will increase to 10GWH in the next two years, and the energy density of single cells will be 300WH/kg in 2020. 3. Thornton New Energy Thornton New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a soft-pack lithium-ion battery as its core product, integrating technological innovation, product development, high-performance lithium-ion batteries and power management, cathode materials, and electric product manufacturing. A large-scale comprehensive enterprise dedicated to the development of new energy business. The layout in the field of new energy lithium battery packs covers positive electrode materials, power batteries, energy storage batteries, soft pack batteries, and waste battery regeneration. Based on the consideration of safety, energy density and future technology development trends, Thornton New Energy is extremely optimistic about the potential of soft pack batteries. Forecast: 'In 2020, the penetration rate of soft packs in power batteries is expected to increase to 40%, reaching 79.4GWh.' At present, Thornton New Energy's battery cell production capacity has reached 9GWh, ranking among the top five in China. Regarding the future, it plans to reach 2020 The annual production capacity is expanded to 14GWh. 4. Yiwei Lithium Energy Co., Ltd. Yiwei Lithium Energy Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the innovation and development of lithium batteries. The company focuses on the power and energy storage market, adopts highly automated and information-based production methods to provide customers with first-class products and services. It is a new type of soft-package lithium battery energy leader with independent intellectual property rights and international advanced technology. On April 10, Yiwei Lithium Energy's annual output of 1.5Gwh ternary soft-pack lithium battery pack was officially put into production at the Huizhou plant. At present, the single energy density of this soft pack battery is as high as 240Wh/Kg and the group efficiency is 85%. The average energy density of the lithium battery pack can reach 150Wh/Kg, and the highest system energy density can be 160Wh/Kg. The above-listed soft-pack lithium battery pack manufacturers only found a few representative, soft-pack battery companies. From the characteristics, each has its own strengths, you can choose according to your own project conditions, soft-packed lithium batteries, the competition will also become more fierce. V. Large market prospects for soft-pack lithium batteries The performance advantages of soft-pack lithium battery packs are prominent, especially in terms of energy density, which has greatly stimulated the domestic soft-pack battery market. Benefiting from the continuous growth of market demand for lithium batteries and the accelerated penetration of soft-pack lithium batteries in the power sector, my country's soft-pack lithium batteries will maintain a growth rate of 35%. By 2020, their market demand will reach 58.9GWh, and the penetration rate will be Reach 41%. The penetration rate of soft-pack lithium batteries in the field of power batteries is expected to increase rapidly. What are the soft-pack lithium battery manufacturers? How many are the lithium battery pack manufacturers? Through the above introduction, I believe everyone knows that with the continuous improvement of technology, my country's soft-pack lithium battery market is about to enter a stage of rapid development. Let us wait and see together.

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