Manufacturer-customized 18650 lithium battery protection board is important to lithium batteries?

by:CTECHi     2021-08-12

In the past, most people didn’t know much about 18650 batteries, let alone 18650 lithium battery protection boards. They didn’t even hear the name. They didn’t even know that these 5 numbers represent a kind of battery. , Because 18650 batteries are generally used in industry, while civilians are rarely used. Most of them are used in notebook batteries, high-end bright flashlights and now popular mobile power sources. However, with the continuous occurrence of mobile power accidents, 18650 Starting to walk into people's sight, people began to understand 18650 batteries and 18650 lithium battery protection boards. Today, Chuangfa is walking into the world where manufacturers order 18650 lithium battery protection boards for lithium batteries.

First understand the shape of the 18650 battery. Most of the 18650 batteries are packaged in steel. The quality of the battery is not good. Because there is no 18650 lithium battery protection board, there is no protection function. It is overcharged (overcharged). In this case, the internal pressure will increase sharply, and when it exceeds the withstand value, it will explode. Problems such as short circuit, high temperature, squeezed deformation or even puncture of the battery may cause the battery to explode.

However, after years of development, the 18650 battery preparation process has been very mature, in addition to greatly improved performance, its safety is also very perfect. In order to avoid explosion of the sealed metal casing, 18650 batteries are now equipped with a safety valve (protection plate) on the top. The safety valve (protection plate) is the standard configuration of every 18650 battery and the most important explosion-proof barrier. When the internal pressure of the battery is too high, the safety valve on the top of the battery will open the exhaust and reduce pressure to avoid explosion. However, when the safety valve is opened, the chemical substances leaking from the battery will react chemically with oxygen in the air under high temperature conditions, and a fire may still occur. In addition, some 18650 batteries now come with their own protection board, which has functions such as overcharge, overdischarge and short circuit protection, and has very high safety performance. 

  So the mobile power explosion incidents that occurred before this were all caused by unscrupulous manufacturers using unqualified inferior 18650 batteries to save costs, or even second-hand waste electricity. At present, the 18650 batteries produced by major battery manufacturers such as Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, etc. are actually very safe, and the usage rate of 18650 batteries is very high. We can use them correctly in daily use and avoid short-circuit, damage or damage to the battery. If the temperature is too high, there is no need to worry about the battery exploding. We cannot overturn a boatman with one bamboo pole, and use individual inferior products to determine the safety of 18650.

Finally, Chuangfa Warmly reminds everyone that when choosing 18650 lithium batteries, don't be cheap for a while, be sure to choose 18650 lithium battery protection boards, which will make you feel at ease and rest assured.

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