make sure your next cordless drill driver is equipped with lithium ion batteries!

by:CTECHi     2020-01-09
If you are going to buy a cordless tool then you should really consider buying one with a lithium ion battery.
They are more expensive and it\'s easy to think you can buy a cheaper model and a spare battery, but that\'s not the case.
Lithium ion battery is a real free solution.
Lithium ion battery, or Li-
As people often say, they have a lot of benefits when you use them in cordless tools.
They have twice the power density of other charging types, so you can get a smaller and lighter tool.
It\'s not just the power density that makes them smaller, each Li-
The voltage of the ion battery is three times that of the ordinary battery, so only the third battery is needed to get the same output voltage. Li-
The ion battery has good peak output current and low source resistance.
When you overload the tool, the voltage stays the same and they constantly inject current into the motor.
The electric tool has a thermal overload trip in the motor, which is a pair of Li-
If there is no ion battery, they will burn the motor out!
Charging is Li\'s best thing.
There is absolutely no memory effect on the ion battery.
They charged quickly.
Battery manufacturers always say that they have reduced the memory effect and even \"actually eliminated\" the memory effect.
But it\'s never true that you might get away from a half full battery charge again and again, but if you keep charging then the capacity will always drop. With Li-
They do not need to reduce the memory effect, there is no memory effect.
Li and I used the 18 volt drill in Maeda. ion batteries.
It\'s smaller and lighter than a normal 18v cordless drill, but it\'s as powerful as the best NiMh battery drill, making the NiCad Drill look like a toy.
But this is twice as fast as the exercise between the other two allegations. Li-
Ion batteries can be charged at any time and you can use them again even if they don\'t have time to fully charge.
Use this tool all morning, charge the battery at lunch and use it all afternoon.
You never need to stop working in order to change the battery. Li-
The self-discharge rate of the ion battery is also very low, which means that when you do not use it, the battery will remain charged for a longer period of time.
Lee and I have a Milwaukee saw. ion batteries.
For some work I will use it all day long and charge at night.
But a lot of the time I just use it for weird cuts here and there and I just don\'t bother charging it.
It has never been discharged, I don\'t think the saw battery is flat, but I only charge for large work.
Next time you work for half an hour, your old cordless drill driver is dead again. Think about buying a cordless drill with a lithium-ion battery!
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