Make a Rechargeable Dual Voltage Power Supply for Electronic Projects

by:CTECHi     2019-12-15
Give you 3 rechargeable batteries for 9 v. 6 v, ground and-3. 6V.
If you have to put together a bunch of AAs or AAAs to get the project to work, you would appreciate the idea.
This instructable would have been part of a larger project, but I decided to submit this section separately to the 9 v battery group.
You need to start with a 9 v rechargeable battery (actually 8.
4 V but in 9 v package).
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The case will reveal a surprising inside story.
There are 7 1.
2 v NiMH battery welded in series.
To make the power supply even if you need to remove one or add one.
I tore the one near the top.
Don\'t try to untie it because these batteries are welded together and the battery can explode if it is heated too much (So wear goggles).
Okay, you know you have seven.
2 v battery, big deal! . . .
You can\'t even charge it because the charger offers 9 v which can cause the battery to explode.
What should I do?
Well, replace the lost battery with an LED.
The voltage drop of the LED is always maintained at about 1. 2V (
Depending on the type you use).
So you made a battery \"prosthetic \".
Make sure it points in the right direction when you weld the LED (
LEDs only do one way).
Welding wires on the first battery (red +)
This will be 3.
Your power supply is 6 v.
Welding wires between Batteries 3rd and 4, this will be grounded.
Weld a wire where you weld the front leg of the LED and this will be-3. 6V supply.
Look at the beautiful lights when your battery is charging.
When connected to your project, you can charge the battery.
However, make sure there is a large capacitor between the voltage rails to absorb the pulse of the charger.
Do not charge the battery when your project is connected to your body. (
About to be released on another structure).
Connecting electricity to a device plugged into a power supply host is a danger.
\"You can put the components back in the original 9 v package.
I made a hole in the LED and a hole in the wire.
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