Magellan Triton 2000

by:CTECHi     2019-12-01
Located at the top of the Magellan handheld GPS series, the Tronto 2000 has many features that differentiate the device from a lower-priced device.
The treton 2000 is similar to other units within the Tryon range, but if required, add a silver handle to the top for connecting to the mountaineering staff.
It has a solid housing that is meant to stick to IPX-
7 standards for water-and dust-proofing.
The only flaw is the camera lens of the device-although it is slightly sunken and located behind the transparent plastic, it is unlikely to withstand multiple drops on the uneven surface.
Follow many top-set trends
The terminal car GPS device, the Trion 2000 pack features more than you might need for a hike.
The device retains the same navigation pads and pads
As a touch button for the Triton 200 and Triton 400, it also has a touch screen as an alternative to control.
If this is not enough to justify the price increase, the Triton 2000 has a 2-pixel camera, headphone jack, external antenna port, and flashlight.
Unlike most car GPS devices, the Triton 2000 is equipped with stylus instead of just relying on finger tracking.
Magellan packed several replacement styles with this device. (
We found that the touch screen was sensitive enough to the movement of the fingers and we didn\'t need a stylus. )
The touch screen is an important part of the control scheme of the Trion 2000;
It is much better than the navigator and allows for easier tracking on the map.
Magellan claims that with two AA batteries, the average 2000 of the Triton can last for 10 hours, which is the same as the battery life of other Triton models.
While we can\'t test this considering the number of features on the Triton 2000, especially the touch screen, we don\'t think the device is likely to last the same amount of time as other models.
Thankfully, standard use
Larger-sized batteries, instead of proprietary rechargeable battery packs, make it easy to carry alternatives.
The Triton 2000 uses the same SiRF Star iii gps receiver as all other Triton models and supports WAAS/EGNOS for navigation accuracy within three metres. A cold start-
Less than a minute;
This is an improvement over lower-priced models.
External antennas can be connected to the device.
In addition to the basic mapping features found in Trenton 400, Trenton 2000 allows users to geo-tag photos and videos, or attach them to existing points of interest.
For more serious hikers, this feature may seem a bit of a tourist, but it may stir up the interest of those who are interested in documenting their trip in detail.
One of our favorite aspects of the Triton series is the VantagePoint software from Magellan.
With the same cumbersome USB connection as the treton 2000 and treton 200, the treton 400 is an annoying design choice.
However, once connected, VantagePoint allows users to easily pre-
Plan routes and waypoints, sync media and update device firmware.
This software is suitable for novice GPS and experienced hikers.
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