Look at the U.S. attitude towards the intensified development of lithium batteries in China

by:CTECHi     2021-07-28

'Lithium battery' is a type of battery that uses lithium metal or lithium alloy as the negative electrode material and uses a non-aqueous electrolyte solution. In 1912, the lithium metal battery was first proposed and studied by Gilbert N. Lewis. In the 1970s, M.S. Whittingham proposed and began to study lithium-ion batteries. Due to the very active chemical properties of lithium metal, the processing, storage and use of lithium metal have very high environmental requirements. Therefore, lithium batteries have not been used for a long time. With the development of science and technology, lithium batteries have now become the mainstream.

According to foreign media reports a few days ago, with the growth of the global new energy vehicle market, China currently accounts for more than 50% of the global lithium battery production capacity market, but in contrast to the US lithium battery industry Affected by this, the scale continues to decline. At the same time, the new 14GWh capacity battery factory built by China's largest lithium battery manufacturer Ningde Times also poses a further threat to the US lithium battery industry.

According to the news, NATTBatt, an organization of the American Battery Alliance, recently warned the U.S. Economic Security Administration that the current decline of the lithium battery industry in the United States is threatening the future development of the U.S. economy. Compared with Chinese lithium battery manufacturers, only one of the eight lithium battery manufacturers in the United States currently has a completely independent production qualification, while the other seven companies rely on foreign capital and overseas production technical support. Due to over-reliance on overseas technology, the current battery production capacity in the United States is declining, which also has an impact on the development of the new energy vehicle market for American auto brands.

The chairman of the North American Lithium Battery Association said that at present, the US battery manufacturing industry cannot attract investment because the capital market believes that even additional investment cannot surpass China. But he also said: 'The United States should pay attention to the development of next-generation battery technology to ensure that it can regain its dominant position when the market matures in the future.' Regarding next-generation battery technology, the American Battery Alliance organization NATTBatt officially believes that the raw material 'zinc' will be used. , Solid-state lithium batteries and fuel cells are the direction of investment and development.

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