Look at the recent progress of lithium batteries through battery companies

by:CTECHi     2021-07-21

I asked Bruce for the information of ABCA, an international forum on positive and negative materials technology, and an excerpt, and accompanied by the introduction of the auto show to Guangchun, to see the development in the next two years.

Part I Materials Conference materials

1) LG

I haven’t seen LG’s materials for a long time. This page shows LG’s progress in 2021

The energy density can reach 295Wh/kg

Fast charging speed is the main improvement direction, from the previous high-capacity 60 minutes to 30 minutes.




In this forum, it mainly introduces the capacity attenuation factors and the establishment of the model.

Only see the results of the improvement group at the material level

3) BYD

In the post-subsidy era, BYD emphasizes making a fuss under the LFP system

4) Lishen

The meeting talked about the cost analysis of medium nickel, and the safety of high nickel. Maybe in the short term, the product can see the material system based on 6.5/1.5/2

5) Wanxiang A123

When can I use this powerful product?

6) Weihong Power

Part II Auto Show

The main exhibits at the auto show are the physical parts, mainly including domestic and foreign companies.

1) SK

SKI's recent limelight is very good (capacity includes 20GWh in Changzhou, 15GWh in the United States, 20GWh in Europe, South Korea 5GWh)

In the future, it may gain a large share on Volkswagen’s MEB platform.

According to Push EV data, the progress is also relatively fast.

2) Xinwangda

According to the information disclosure, Xinwangda has customers Renault Nissan and Geely , Yundu and other car companies.

The energy density of the mass-produced 75Ah battery cell>215Wh/kg. This product is a product that may be mass-produced in the future

Renault-Nissan’s HEV battery cell product specification is expected to be 6.2Ah

The 51Ah battery cell will be subsequently given to many car companies as a PHEV replacement

75Ah2P replaces 150Ah

PHEV is a follow-up evolution to replace 37Ah

3) Yiwei Lithium Energy

I have talked a lot with Xiaoyu. Yiwei Lithium Energy mainly relies on SKI strategic cooperation. Customers include Daimler, Hyundai Korea, and follow-up Korea Department’s business is worth looking forward to.

4) Honeycomb Energy

Talking in the group, the product has not been released yet, and the valuation is 20 billion ^_ ^, one is to cooperate with batteries from external joint ventures, and the other is to make batteries by yourself. This method may be more diversified

Summary: The recent pattern of domestic and foreign battery companies, There are still big changes. The capital invested firmly will bring back the former head monopoly, forming a relatively benign supply pattern, and making the situation more balanced.

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