Lithium Miners News For The Month Of September 2017

by:CTECHi     2020-03-16
Welcome to the September 2017 edition of the lithium miners News.
What an incredible month this is!
China\'s announcement of a ban on fossil fuels has led to a surge in lithium mining stocks as investors scramble to buy lithium mining stocks amid fears of missing the electric vehicle/lithium boom.
This is the first time I have written since April 2016, \"with the rise in the spot price of lithium, lithium miners are booming --
Which lithium company should I buy?
\"At the time, if you were an early follower of mine, you could buy a square meter for $19.
99, $38 FMC.
Month, $64 for US. 50.
It\'s really good to buy now!
But if you haven\'t purchased yet, don\'t worry, we are still in the first phase of the electric car boom, with only about 1% of the global electric car market share.
Lithium spot and contract price news for the period September.
5% spot price of lithium carbonate in China rose 2.
87%, up 20.
There have been 07% people in the past year.
It is worth noting that the spot price of lithium cobalt oxide in China has risen by 0.
03%, 21 that month.
There have been 24% people in the past year.
China\'s spot price chart for lithium in 2017 2015 to September 2017 Source: US spot price chart for lithium in August 29co.
UK report: \"The London Metal Exchange (LME) is considering fulfilling plans for the electric car boom by handling lithium used in batteries.
A spokesman said LME was looking for opportunities for lithium.
\"Investment News also ran an article\" LME lithium battery contract is feasible? \" They quoted -
\"Joe Lowry, a global lithium expert, told investment news that he expects to launch a lithium contract at some point, but\" it may take a few years \".
\"Given that cobalt and nickel are already traded on the LME, it seems that lithium will follow as well.
Bloomberg Technology reported on September 7: \"The winner of the selection of electric vehicles is a key mining challenge facing BlackRock.
BlackRock\'s Hambro expects demand for electric vehicle materials to grow significantly.
\"The biggest theme of investment in the next 10 or 15 years will be the transition from burning cars to electric cars,\" manages Evy Hambro of BlackRock.
The World Mining Fund said in an interview with Bloomberg Television on Thursday.
Bloomberg Finance reported on September 7: \"We will need more lithium . \"
Demand for metals will not slow down soon
On the contrary, production of electric vehicles is expected to increase by more than 30
According to Bloomberg\'s New Energy Finance report, it doubled as of 2030.
According to analysts at Sanford C, the total investment in the new mine, including some other elements for lithium-ion batteries, may range from $350 billion to $750 billion. Bernstein & Co.
Mining companies have promised to add 20 of the 16 lithium production bases currently operating, but it is worrying that they will not be completed in time to meet the growing demand.
\"Electric vehicle sales forecast 2030 Source: battery pricesSource with the lowest price of Bloomberg New Energy financehisher lithium battery: Bloomberg New Energy FinanceOn September 11 investors learned about the report,\" the battery required for the new standard, electric cars drive lithium and cobalt boom.
\"They mentioned the key metals of electric vehicles --
\"Lithium, graphite, cobalt, nickel, manganese, pro, nd, pr.
They come together and what is important for the future is the advancement of the electric vehicle revolution.
\"I will also add copper and maybe aluminum/SC will work.
The benchmark mineral offer is also interesting --
\"At 2006, lithium-
Lithium-ion batteries account for 22% of lithium demand, 20% of cobalt demand, and 5% of graphite demand.
2020, lithium-
According to the benchmark test, ion batteries will consume 67% of all lithium production, 59% of cobalt production and 35% of graphite.
Lithium demand forecast by square meter
In September 2017, under the 800 ktpa LCE forecast for 2025, the forecast for 2022 was almost equal to my 783 ktpa --
Of course, this is their positive 12% EV scenario, and my model has reached this target three years ago (based on the market share of electric vehicles for the first 11% of 2022 ).
Source: Introduction of SQM Company-
Lithium supply by country and company in September 2017
On September 2017, Visual Capitalist September15 released, \"the huge impact of electric vehicles on goods is in a chart.
Here is a great summary table.
100% EV world source: Visual CapitalistNote: the above table is based on the impact of Chevrolet Bolt removal on the item.
Tesla has more nickel and less cobalt batteries.
Bloomberg reported on September 11, \"China will ban the sale of fossil-fuel vehicles on electric vehicles.
Regulators are working on a timetable for the ban, officials said. China joins U. K.
France will gradually stop burningengine cars.
Xin Guobin, deputy minister of Industry and Information Technology, said the government is working with other regulators to set a timetable for ending production and sales.
Xin said at a auto forum in Tianjin on Saturday that the move will have a profound impact on the environment and growth of China\'s auto industry.
Simon Moores\'s response is:
\"Although this is not a direct comparison
It consolidated lithium\'s position as heir to the oil throne.
According to Reuters on September 21, BYD predicted that by 2030, ambitious China will turn to electric vehicles.
Wang Chuanfu, chairman of BYD, said on Thursday that by 2030, all vehicles across the country would be \"powered on\" from all-electric vehicles to light hybrid vehicles.
President Wang Jianlin is one of the richest people in China and has ties with top government officials.
Reuters reported on September 22, \"Exclusive: Volkswagen turned to electric vehicles to ensure the supply of cobalt.
Volkswagen Germany is looking for a long term
With the group accelerating its ambitious shift to electric vehicles, cobalt is an important part of rechargeable batteries.
Battery and car manufacturers need to sign multiple
Annual agreement to ensure the supply of raw materials including cobalt and lithium.
On September 15, Albemarle announced that \"New technologies have enabled Chile to continuously expand its lithium production.
\"Albemarle\" has developed an innovative technology that enables Albemarle to continuously increase Chile\'s total lithium production to 125,000 metric tons of lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE) per year ), no additional saline pumping is required at Salar de Atacama.
As a result of this development, Yabao asked the Chilean Economic Development Bureau (production and development companies each) to increase the quota of lithium batteries in Yabao.
Assuming the technology is commercially feasible, Albemarle plans to build and launch-
At the beginning of 2020, Chile will increase lithium carbonate capacity once the current expansion project is completed and production capacity is produced.
Projects already under way should raise Albemarle\'s annual total production capacity in Chile to more than 80,000 metric tons of LCE by 2020.
Fly reported that in September 21, albtarget le target raised $156 from $144 in Jefferies.
Investors can read a recent article \"Albemarle: lithium giant\" while looking for Alpha \".
Social networking sites in krumika MinaraA.
On September 11, SQM announced that \"SQM and Kidman finalized documents for the lithium joint venture company Mt.
Netherlands in Australia
\"SQM will acquire 50% of the assets of the Kilman resource lithium mine project\" Holland mountain \"in Western Australia.
\"Australian SQM will (I) pay the seller a price of $5 million, and (ii) provide a capital contribution of $10 million on behalf of the sale to the project, with an extension price of $25 million, in addition, $30 million in capital contributions were provided to the project on behalf of the sale.
\"Investors can read the company\'s September report here. FMC Corp.
(NYSE: FMC) on September 21, FMC announced that \"FMC Corporation received the antitrust clearance required to close the proposed acquisition of DuPont Crop Protection assets.
\"Investors should also be aware that FMC has long discussed the idea of selling the lithium business, perhaps for a split or IPO.
(Chengdu) Tianqi Lithium Industry Co. , Ltd.
[She: 002466] on September 12, Western Australia reported: \"The legal dispute will not stop the apocalypse plan.
On June, Apocalypse announced 1.
34 Mtpa expanded its green shrub mine in the southwest, providing raw materials to double the capacity of its proposed lithium hydroxide plant from 24000tpa to 48, provide services to the booming battery market for electric vehicles.
But Resource Capital Fund
Owned global advanced metals company has the rights to other minerals (mainly ta) in Greenbushes, and the company\'s plans are questioned, believing that expansion will effectively waste its ta resources.
\"Tianqi has built a $0. 4 billion lithium hydroxide plant in Kwinana, Western Australia, and is currently under construction and is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.
The Kwinana plant is expected to produce 24,000 tons of lithium hydroxide (with 51% apocalypse, 49% alble le) from the lithium pyroxene fed to the plant from the green bush mine ).
Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium [Agency: 002460], mineral resources [ASX: MIN], new metal (OTC: RRSSF), International Lithium company [TSXV: August 28, mineral Resources issued the results report for fiscal year 2017 \".
Highlights include: $1 in revenue.
46 billion, an increase of 24% over the same period, net profit after tax was $201.
0 m, normal increase of 83% in the same period
\"The FY18 guide on lithium production is the lithium pyroxene 400Kt (MRL share 43) exported from Mount Marion. 1%), plus 4.
25 Mt lithium DSO of Wodgina.
\"International Lithium release in August 28\", International Lithium update of the Mariana lithium brine project in Argentina.
Following a press release issued by the company on April 10, 2017, the first resource estimate for the Mariana lithium brine project was announced, and as the project moved towards the beginning of preliminary economic and preliminary work, the following activities were being carried out at the project site
Feasibility Study
\"Activities include pond construction and evaporation testing.
On September 5, the international lithium company announced that \"the international lithium company has accepted the proof of concept research on the recovery of lithium using membrane separation.
The results of the study show that the selective recovery of lithium directly from the original (filtered) brine, while repelling other Yin and Yang ion species, is possible using a proprietary lithium selective separation process (\"technology.
Lithium is selectively recovered from the original brine to produce lithium hydroxide (\"LiOH \").
\"New metal report, September 11,\" Barrambie titanium project --Update.
\"Updates include drilling results and facts new metals\" has started the pilot scale mineral processing test work as it advances the development plan of WA Barrambie GmbH, one of the world\'s highest grades of metals.
\"You can watch a video of the GL/MIN/NMT Mt Marion mine here and read my article on international lithium here.
On August 30, Orocobre [ASX: ORE], [TSX: ORL], (OTCPK: OROCF) sought Alpha to release the fourth quarter and 2017 of Orocobre
CEO Richard Neville commented on the results of the orocofy FY 2017: You can read the Orocobre July 2017 investor report here or read the CEO Richard Neville September
You can read more about my latest article on Orocobre here.
Galaxy Resources (ASX: GXY) (OTCPK: GALXF) announced on September 14, \"James Bay drilling-
Significantly prolonged mineralization. The now-
The completed drilling plan will be used for re-mining of mineral resources
Estimates and upgrades are expected to be completed by the end of October 2017.
Anthony Xie, Galaxy\'s general manager and CEO, commented, \"The results of the last set of analyses were very good and reiterated James Bay as a long-term
High-grade life project.
We look forward to the results of the next resource upgrade.
\"Investors can read more here about my latest article on Galaxy Resources, a Bell Potter August broker report worth $3.
Here are 35/sh, here is the capital network video, here is the company introduction in July 2017.
The upcoming catalysts include: Alliance mineral assets Co. , Ltd. (\"AMAL\") [SP: AMS]/Tawana Resources (subsidiary Lithco) [ASX: TAW] the results of the excellent metallurgical testing work were provided by \"Balding Mountain in September 6.
Bald Hill is still expected to start trial operation in 2018.
Investors can read Tawana\'s September report here.
Tawana/Alliance has 5 years holiday
Accept the agreement and plan to start shipping their lithium pyroxene in the 2018 quarter.
Altura Mining [ASX: AJM] (OTC: ALTAF) on September 26, Altura Mining announced that \"a package of financing was completed for the payment of $77 million.
Through the construction of the project, Altura is over 50% and is working to produce lithium pyroxene (lithium concentrate) for the first time in the 2018 quarter ).
\"You can read my article on Altura Mining\" it\'s a good deal for lithium miner Altura Mining \"(back to 0 AUD ).
15), or read the study report that beer and Co may be here (Altura Mining is valued at AUD 0.
335), here is a Cannacord report for September (price target AUD 0.
25), or the latest company introduction here.
The upcoming catalysts include: pilose mine [ASX: please] (OTC: PILBF) No. September 11, pilose mine announced, initial work month in the Pilbara area Mtpa Pilgangoora as an accelerated expansion of project construction.
To grant further contracts, a large number of on-site works and appointments of key personnel to ensure that the first ore is still on track in the second quarter of 2018;
Preliminary work on the second phase of expansion is also underway.
On September 12, Western Australia reported that \"the pigangora Phase II of the Pilbara miner raised production to 800 tpa.
Pilbara Minerals has begun to expand its pilganora lithium-
Ta project, which may make it the largest lithium mine in the world, depending on the timing of the green bush expansion in the southwest. \" Wow!
You can read more about my article \"The perbala minerals may be the next large lithium of green shrubs\" and \"the update of the perbala minerals\"
Significantly reduced
Risk and undervaluation.
\"The last article was published during the Australian dollar transaction. 43 or AUD 0.
355 trend investment users.
Also of interest is a foster stock brokerage report for August with a price target of AUD 0. 82.
The upcoming catalysts include: SQM Resources [ASX: KDR] See the above news under SQM.
Recent news includes a joint venture with 50/50 for the Mt Dutch lithium project, as well as a proposal for the refinery located in WA.
You can check the company introduction from July 2017 here.
The upcoming catalysts include: lithium America [TSX: LAC] (OTCQX: LACDF) no news this month.
Phase 1
The development of the Olaroz mine is in progress.
You can look good in my article \"lithium America, which has now been greatly reduced
Risked \"(Back to CAD 0.
96), as well as their company presentation here on September.
I discuss lithium America for the first time (in CAD 0.
22) back in December 2015, in my article \"create your own key stock of the \'Green residential and motor\' portfolio.
\"The upcoming catalysts include: NB: LAC previously sold 50% of the Cauchari-
Items from SQM oz to SQM.
The Nemaska Lithium battery [TSX: NMX] (OTCQX: NMKEF) was announced on the Nemaska Lithium Battery on September 14, \"Nemaska Lithium battery plus S, P/Toronto stock exchange index, Canada.
\"You can read more about my latest article on Nemaska Lithium here.
The upcoming catalysts include: H2 2017-
Update the feasibility study. 2017/2018 -Off-
Acceptance of agreements and project financing announcements.
Construction of mines and factories.
On September 6, the key elements [TSXV: CRE] (OTCQX: CRECF) announced that \"the key elements announced a positive feasibility study and carried out pre-
The net present value of $1 tax is 8%. 257 B and pre-Tax IRR of 48.
Pay £ 2% for its rose lithium program.
\"Details include: Note: All of the above figures are Canadian dollars unless otherwise quoted. Dr.
Steffen Haber, president of key elements, said, \"feasibility study is an important milestone in key elements, which explains our superior competitive situation.
Excellent gross margin is a key indicator of the quality of this project.
\"A good result. The \"after-
The $ 8% tax $0. 726 billion net present value \"is advantageous compared to the company\'s current market value and the value of the business around $240, especially considering that they have about 10 other potential projects.
The next step should be Helm AG.
The input of key elements of my followers after July 2016 wrote \"important content --
At CAD 0, a lithium miner has an extraordinary opportunity to buy.
56 will receive 186% of the proceeds.
The upcoming catalysts include: Lithium X [TSXV: LIX] (OTCQB: LIXXF), and on September 25, Lithium X announced their Argentina Project in Los Angeles: \"Lithium X expanded the salt field, favorable well conditions have been created.
Paul Matysek, executive chairman of the Lithium X Board, commented:
\"The positive results of our recently completed work plan not only extend the known salt water area to the north, exceeding our current resource boundary, but also confirm the positive conditions for the establishment of the oil well.
Once all samples have been received, we will have all the necessary information to complete the comprehensive dynamic model of the entire basin to support the feasibility study and reserve estimation.
We are pleased to have successfully demonstrated the potential expansion of resources and the good environment.
Site conditions.
\"You can read my article here\" there are X factors for Lithium X \"and investor presentations.
The upcoming catalysts include: the barcanola minerals [TSXV: BCN] [purpose: BCN] (OTC: BCRMF), but you can check out the company\'s introduction on June.
The upcoming catalysts include: European metal [ASX: EMH], [purpose: \"Effective market hypothesis\"], (OTCPK: MNTCF), but you can check the company\'s introduction on September.
The upcoming catalysts include: investors can read my June 2017 article on European metals here.
On September 6, Neo Lithium announced that \"Neo Lithium announced that PEA is based on 35,000 tons of Lithium carbonate per year;
Provide progress report of 3Q lithium project.
Peas are expected to be released in October 2017, with an estimated output of 35,000 tons of lithium carbonate per year.
\"The previous plan was 25 ktpa.
Investors can read the company introduction in June 2017 here, read my latest article about Neo Lithium here, or read some company videos here.
The upcoming catalysts include: Pure Energy Minerals announced in September 13 [TSXV: PE] (OTCQB: PEMIF): \"Pure Energy Minerals declared non-
Intermediary private placement with a total income of $1,500,000.
\"AVZ Minerals [ASX: AVZ] in September, AVZ achieved some outstanding drilling results in the Manano Lithium project in DRC, including\" 235 m @ 1\"
66% Li2O and 250 @ 1. 48% Li2O.
\"This is definitely a world class deposit.
You can check the company introduction from September here.
Birimian Co. , Ltd. [ASX: BGS] (OTC: EEYMF) Goulamina lithium Hui Birimian 100% own project and gold exploration projects in masiji and maridankassa.
32 The Goulamina lithium battery project defines the resources of the judicial staff recommendation committee. 9 Mt at 1.
37% Li2O 451,000 tons contain Li2O 0. 4% cut off.
The company is currently working to expand its resources and has identified at least four weijingyan zones that have not yet been drilled since April 2017.
The rough study proposed 190,000 metric tons of pa lithium pyroxene production with a year to take my life with low CapEx (stage month-US$42. 7 + Stage 2 -US$40.
7) and cash operating costs of $326/ton.
The company plans to release a preliminary feasibility study by September 30, 2017.
You can check the company\'s August 2017 demo here.
Piemont lithium said they are \"the only project in the United States\" with 100%-
It owns the Piedmont Lithium project in North Carolina.
The company has determined the strike length of 4 kilometers in the first phase of drilling, high
There is lithium grade in each drill.
Drilling is in progress in order to identify and increase resources.
They reported on September 26 that \"the 4-kilometer mineralisation confirmed by the lithium project in the foothills.
\"The company expects US stock TCQX to be listed at 2017 in the third quarter, JORC resources estimated at 2017 in the fourth quarter and 2018 in North America in the first quarter.
You can check the company\'s August demo here.
On September 14, 2017, the Piemont lithium mine announced that \"Piemont has gained more lithium mine rights.
\"Piemont has increased the land area of the project by 26%, with a total area of 715 acres.
First-mover land location within the historic tin mine
Spodumene Belt in North Carolina, United States.
The second phase of drilling is nearing the end, and the test results will be announced in the next few weeks.
In an interview with Joe Lowry on September 19, analyst Peter Epstein discussed nano materials, which you can see here.
Source of Next Lithium battery project: presentationPromising lithium America juniorsOther is working for youth including senior Metallurgical Group on September 2017. V.
[Amsterdam: AMG] (OTCPK: AMVMF), dominant lithium (OTCQB: avlf) [TSXV: AAL], AIS resources [TSXV:
Lithium Corporation of America. [TSX-
V: Li] (OTCQB: LIACF), lithium and energy, Argentina
[TSXV: Edu], Argosy Minerals [ASX: AGY] (OTC: EEYMF), Dajin resources [TSXV: DJI], Enigri (eramet (Paris: ERA ), far Resources [CSE: FAT] (OTCPK: FRRSF), Force Commodifications [ASX: 4CE], Australian lithium [ASX: Lithium], Latin Resources Limited, LSC Lithium [TSXV: LSC], metal technology [ASX: MTC], NRG Metals, MGX Minerals [CSE: XMG] (OTC: MGXMF)
[TSXV: NGZ] (OTCQB: NRGMF), Dongyang mining [ASX: SYA), standard lithium battery [TSXV: SLL] (OTC: STLHF), and rich minerals [TSXV: (OTCQB: WMLLF ).
Global X lithium ETF (NYSEARCA: NYSE )-Price = US$36.
73 the fund grew strongly in September in a record number.
PE is currently 34. 85. LIT chart -
Investors may also like to read my latest article, \"the electric car boom has just overdone -- September (source: Nasdaq --
What stock to buy.
\"Conclusion the price of lithium rose slightly in September 2017, up 20.
The past year was 07%.
My highlight in September was China\'s plan to ban ice trucks.
In addition to that, the beginning of lithium boom II, there was some strong growth this month for most lithium miners.
All comments are welcome as usual.
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