Lithium Miners News For The Month Of November 2017

by:CTECHi     2020-04-16
Welcome to the November 2017 edition of the lithium miners News.
Due to the massive growth in the lithium industry and the number of lithium miners I followed, I decided to split the monthly news into two.
The newly added monthly News will focus on \"primary\" lithium miners and will be released a few days after the monthly news release.
Now, I keep the miners in this news who may be producers by 2020.
This month we saw some bold predictions (from Mike Beck) that the demand for lithium continued to be very strong, with Altura Mining (OTCPK: ALTAF), pilemon Minerals (otcp and Tawana Resources.
November, 99.
5% lithium carbonate China spot price flat in the month.
Galaxy reported on November that China\'s net price of lithium carbonate is $20,500 per ton.
The contract price for lithium carbonate announced by SQM is \"over $13,000/ton.
\"At the hard assets conference in November 21, Mike Baker said he thought the price of lithium\" could be rising to $100,000/ton \", as you can see in his video (12.
Mike Baker: nickel, cobalt and lithium benefit from changing generations of demand for goods. \" Wow!
China lithium spot price chart 2015-12-7 Source: Comparison of lithium carbonate prices in Galaxy Resources in November 2017-
ChinaSource: The Galaxy Resources report for November 2017 this month, I saw a nice chart from Bloomberg. The take-
China believes that most of the world\'s lithium reserves are in the Lithium Triangle. Bolivia-Chile-Argentina.
Given the often poor chemical properties of lithium brine in Bolivia, much of the global economy of lithium is in Chile and Argentina.
Source of global map of lithium reserves: Forecast of lithium demand in 2025 by the US Geological Survey-
17% CAGRSourceNote: The above UBS figures mean that as of 2025, lithium miners need to increase their supply by an average of about 70 ktpa per year.
UBS expects a compound growth rate of 17% by 2025.
November 20, 4-
Merchants from Baystreet
According to ca Media,
The surge in the lithium-ion battery market will raise further demand for lithium suppliers.
Significant growth in lithium
According to the latest research, the ion battery market will exceed $53 billion by 2024.
The 2017 report released by global market insight highlights the growth of the lithium-ion battery market from US $23 billion in 2015 to more than 9% in 2024, exceeding the US $53 billion mark.
\"My point is that UBS\'s 17% compound growth rate will be more accurate than the conservative 9% compound growth rate mentioned above.
On November 6, Pitch Care reported: \"battery-powered equipment-
This is the future.
\"The key is that in the future, most of the power tools and equipment can be used from Li-
It\'s not gasoline, it\'s an ion battery.
On November 7, according to Nikkei Asia Review, \"Samsung is providing a battery breakthrough for cars.
Samsung\'s Central Research Laboratory recently produced a lithium
Air battery with capacity of 520 W-
Hourly per kilogram
In theory, Samsung\'s new battery will drive more than 700 km of similar electric vehicles.
Samsung achieved this impressive capability by cutting the separator width more than 90% to 20 microns, making it possible to fill more batteries.
But the technology is not yet close to the market.
Charging is a challenge.
Performance requires 20 dives after charging-
Discharge cycle--
This is a serious problem for batteries that need to be charged thousands of times.
In addition, it takes several hours for the battery to fully charge.
Samsung\'s goal is clearly to commercialize the product in 2030.
\"Lithium ion super sports car is coming soon --
According to investment news, in November 14, \"CATL plans to invest 2-
Billions of IPO to boost lithium-
Production of ion batteries.
\"Remember Volkwagen on July-CATL-
Glencore proposed a large-scale cobalt transaction (up to 20,000 tons of cobalt pa ).
There is no doubt that the next step will be a major lithium deal.
Maybe Galaxy (OTCPK: GALXF) or Albemarle (NYSE: white )?
The following figure shows the expansion plan of the four major cathode manufacturers.
For example, Umicore (OTCPK: UMICY) plans to double its capacity by 2020.
Source: The Benchmark Mineral IntelligenceAlbemarleOn reported in November 8 that \"Yabao continued double-digit growth in the third quarter.
\"The 2017 highlights of the third quarter include: November 14, seeking a new Alpha
According to reports, \"Deutsche Bank lowered its stock rating from Buy to Hold while raising its share price target to $150, because the company believes the stock has been fully valued.
\"Investors in trend investment can see that I recently interviewed CEO Luke Kissam here.
This is a good interview and must-read.
Social networking sites in krumika MinaraA.
Investment News reported on November 20, \"Rio Tinto is ready to bid for a stake in SQM.
It is reported that the diversified miner is working with a bank consultant to propose 32-
The percentage held by the top lithium producer SQM.
On November 22, SQM reported: \"income for the nine months ended September 30, 2017.
\"Highlights include: investors can read the company\'s September report here. FMC Corp.
(New York Stock Exchange: FMC) on November 6, FMC released its third-quarter results of 2017.
The highlight: Investors should also be aware that FMC has long discussed the idea of selling its lithium business, perhaps to do a spin --off or an IPO.
(Chengdu) Tianqi Lithium Industry Co. , Ltd.
[She: 002466] there was no news in the month.
The Kwinana lithium hydroxide plant in Western Australia is under construction.
Tianqi Kwinana plant Ganfeng Li, Jiangxi [SHE: 002460], mineral resources [ASX: MIN], new metal (OTC: RRSSF) ot] (OTCPK: ILHMF), November, mineral Resources has released a new corporate video that you can see here.
On November 25, I released a new CEO Interview on trend investment with \"international lithium CEO Kirill Kripp\'s talk with trend investment Matt Bolson\".
\"The interview gave us a great understanding of international lithium, the stock\'s market value is still very low, only 16 Australian dollars, especially considering that it has five lithium projects, there are also four rare earths.
Neometals released a company report for October 2017, which you can check here.
You can watch a video of the GL/MIN/NMT Mt Marion mine here and read my article on international lithium here.
Orocobre [ASX: ORE], [TSX: ORL], (OTCPK: OROCF) have no major news this month except for the annual general meeting.
You can read the November 2017 Orocobre investor report here, or you can read a video interview with CEO Richard Sevilla on September.
You can read more about my latest article on Orocobre here.
Galaxy Resources [ASX: GXY] Galaxy Resources did a great presentation in November.
My highlight is: the institutional purchase of GXY has happened recently --
Australian bill investment management company to buy up ~ 4.
45 m GXY shares in November.
Can you use my article here \"will there be good news next to Galaxy Resources?
\"Investors can read my article on Galaxy resources here, the capital network video here and the company introduction here in November 2017.
The upcoming catalysts include: Union Minerals Co. , Ltd. (\"Amale\") [SP: AMS]/Tawana program resources (affiliated Lithco) [ASX: TAW] No. November 8, tawana featured a selection of newspaper reports, which Tawana dug in the Bald Hills.
The company\'s mining of lithium in balding Mountain
Prior to the planned centralized shipment for the first quarter (2018), the ta project will begin this month.
After Tawana announced the upgrade of resources 18, the updated reserve of balding Mountain will be released soon. 9mt @1.
Last month, lithium was 18% and ta was 149.
Tawana found himself in an unusual position and did not complete DFS until he obtained producer status.
Investors can read Tawana\'s September report here.
Tawana/Alliance has binding 5-year off-
Accept the agreement and plan to start shipping its lithium pyroxene at 2018 in the first quarter.
Altura Mining [ASX: AJM] (OTC: ALTAF) on November 13, Altura Mining announced: \"The SCOPE study confirms that copying the scale of the production plant to double production is
Based on current JORC ore reserves estimates, mine life will remain above 10 years.
DFS will immediately begin to double the capacity of the lithium concentrate to 440 tpa.
(Phase II) The study is expected to be completed by April 2018.
Commissioning is still underway in the first quarter, 2018 in the first quarter and 2018 in the second quarter.
\"Altura plans to increase the mining capacity from 440,000 tpa to 220,000 tpa in the second phase.
Since I wrote Altura Mining \"lithium miner Altura Mining is a deal\" (back to 0 AUD), my followers are now growing by about 100%. 15).
Investors can also read the company introduction here, or read the October newsletter here.
In October 30, the upcoming catalysts included: the Pilbara Minerals [ASX: PLS] (OTC: PILBF), \"The Pilbara Minerals Plan to be the leader of lithium, according to Western Australia.
The company spent $0. 234 billion to build two mtpa Pilgangoora lithium batteries-
The ta project, 120 km kilometers south of Port Hedland, is in full swing and is expected to carry out mining next month and is expected to be shipped for the first time by the end of next June.
It also recently announced that the second phase of foreign development with the Chinese carmaker pilgoora Great Wall has increased its capacity to monthly Mtpa, producing up to 800,000 tpa.
But he said he expects demand to exceed supply in the medium and short term, suggesting the company\'s product prices could rise.
The company announced this week that it has two new discoveries in its existing properties, which could further expand the company\'s existing resources.
\"You can read my article: The last one was published during the Australian dollar transaction. 43 or AUD 0.
The trend investment is 355 users, which means about 200% of the revenue.
You can check out the latest presentations from the company here.
The upcoming catalysts include: AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group NV [NA: AMG] [GR: ADG] (OTCPK: AMVMF chromium, iron
Vanadium, antimony, ta, nb, silicon, graphite and fast lithium.
On November 2, Finland announced, \"AMG is pleased to announce that it has authorized the Finnish Outotec OYJ to complete the detailed work of the second lithium concentrate plant at the Mibra mine in Brazil.
The second plant will have an annual design capacity of 900 million tons, resulting in an annual production capacity of 1800 million tons of lithium concentrate.
In parallel to the engineering work of the second lithium concentrate plant, AMG is finalizing plans to double the operational capacity of the Mibra mine.
The final investment decision for the second lithium concentrate plant is scheduled for December 2017.
AMG expects the second lithium concentrate plant to be put into production by the end of 2019.
\"In November, lithium America shares experienced a 5-1 integration.
The new symbol of the New York Stock Exchange for lithium America has changed from \"LACDF\" to \"LACDD \".
\"You can read more here.
Followers have gained around 100% of the proceeds and you can use my article here \"lithium America looks good and has now been greatly reduced
Risked \"(Back to CAD 0.
96 (adjusted CAD 4. 80).
Investors can read their company introduction in November here.
The upcoming catalysts include: NB: LAC previously sold 50% of the Cauchari-
Items from SQM oz to SQM.
Lithium X [TSXV: LIX] (ROCEF) (OTCQB: LIXXF) no major new news this month.
The company did finalize the Diablillos basin saline agreement with Orocobre and improve the CAD 14. 9m at CAD 1. 90.
You can read my article \"there are X factors for Lithium X\" and investor presentations here.
Is about to come of catalyst including: Next Lithium Battery Project Source: September 2017 presentationpromising lithium America juniorsother for youth including use lithium battery (otcqb: avlif) [tsxv: AAL words】 American lithium battery the company. [TSX-
V: Li] (OTCQB: LIACF), Lithium Energy, Argentina
(OTCQB: PNXLF), Argosy Minerals [ASX: AGY] (OTC: EEYMF), Dajin resources [ts enigri (private), Eramet (Paris: ERA) (OTCPK: ERMAY), Far Resources [CSE: FAT] (OTCPK: FRRSF), Latin Resources Limited [ASX: LRS] (OTC: LAXXF), lithium Australia [ASX: (OTC: LMMFF), LSC Lithium [TSXV: LSC] (OTC: LSSCF) XMG] [MGXMF], Millennium lithium [TSXV: ML] (OTCQX: MLNLF) NRG Metal Company
[TSXV: NGZ] (OTCQB: NRGMF), future resources [ASX: PSC], Dongyang mining [ASX: SYA] (OTCPK: DMNXF), standard lithium battery [TSXV: (OTC: STLHF) and wealth minerals [TSXV: WML] (OTCQB: WMLLF ).
Global X lithium ETF (NYSEARCA: NYSE )-Price = US$40.
The fund rose in November.
The current P/E is 32. 7.
(Source: Nasdaq) (accessed via Stuttgart Stock Exchange or Wikipedia ). com.
The portfolio provides investors with extensive investment opportunities for electric vehicle metal miners covering lithium, cobalt, nickel, rare earth, graphite and manganese.
I have recently been involved in managing the portfolio.
The certificate is endless (open-end fund) and is listed on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange, so it can be purchased by a broker or Wikipedia with ISIN.
In the past six months, the performance was + 38%, with a performance fee of 10%.
Investors can view portfolio holdings and learn more by visiting here.
Disclosure: I may receive 50% of the above Fund\'s profit.
Lithium prices barely changed in November 2017 and rose strongly in 2017.
My focus for November is: all comments are welcome as usual.
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