lithium market increases in value due to strong demand for li-ion batteries

by:CTECHi     2020-01-17
New York, March 13, 2018/PRNewswire /--
According to Daguan research, lithium-
The ion battery market is expected to reach $93.
By 2025, the growth rate was 1 billion and the compound growth rate was 17%.
Strong market growth forecasts are driven by rising demand for utility rechargeable storage devices and batteries used in electric vehicles.
At present, utility storage devices occupy most of the market, but due to the increase in demand for electric vehicles, the market will grow significantly in the next few years.
According to Wood Mackenzie, a metals and mining research group, Global Battery consumption will increase five times in the next 10 years, and demand for electric vehicles will increase four times by 2020, 11-fold by 2025.
Millennium lithium(OTC: MLNLF)
Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F)
Panasonic Corporation (OTC: PCRFY)
Lithium Corporation of America (NYSE: LAC). The lithium-
The ion market exceeded expectations and analysts reiterated their forecasts.
The continued rise in lithium prices will be due to demand much higher than supply.
\"The continued rise in lithium prices is surprising,\" says Chris Berry of House Mountain Partners . \".
\"I think the lithium market (on a LCE basis)
It will grow to about 550,000 tons a year. but]
In the middle of this year, I raised this figure to 617,000 tons by 2025.
Based on the potential Gigabit factory, it still seems too conservativeScale expansion.
Millennium lithium(OTCQB: MLNLF)
Also listed on the TSX Venture Exchange, stock code ML.
Just earlier today, the company announced the latest news that it has closed the 6,900,000 acquisition transaction financing previously announced (the \"Units\")
The price is $3. 50 per Unit (
[Sale price]
The total Millennium income was $24,150,000 (the \"Offering\").
The issue was jointly launched by an underwriter.
By Canaccord Genuity Corp.
Canada\'s United gaming company, including COMAC Securities.
Private wealth LP (
\"Underwriters \").
The product includes 900,000 sets sold according to the whole situation of the insurance company\'s over-operation
Assign options.
Each unit consists of one common stock of the company and half of a common stock purchase warrant (
Warrants for each joint share purchase (\"Warrants \").
Each warrants may be exercised against a common stock of the company at a licensed price of CAD 4 within 24 months from the date of issuance. 25.
Taking into account the services provided by the underwriters under the underwriting agreement of February 26, 2018, the company paid the underwriters a cash commission of 6% of the total offer income and issued some warrants to the underwriters, equivalent to 6% of the offer for sale.
Each warrants issued to the underwriters may be exercised to acquire a common stock of the company within 24 years from the date of issue at a exercise price of C $3. 50.
The company closed its private placement at the same time (
Private Placement]
2,206,671 units (
Private Placement Unit]
The price of $3.
50 units per private placement, the income is about 7 Canadian dollars. 7 million.
Private equity units each consist of one common stock of the company and one half of the ordinary warrants (
Every common stock purchase warrant, a \"private equity warrant \").
Each private equity warrants may be exercised against a common stock of the company at a licensed price of CAD 4 within 24 months from the date of issuance. 25.
The terms and conditions of the Private Placement Unit and the issuing unit are the same.
Station virtue Co. , Ltd (\"Stand Virtue\")
Subsidiary of GCL-
Poly Energy Holdings Limited\"GCL\")
Lamtex Securities Co. , Ltd. , a subsidiary of Lamtex Holdings Ltd. , a listed company on the Hong Kong stock exchange, and Lamtex Securities Co. , Ltd. purchased a total of 1,822,514 private equity units. (
\"Lamtex \")
A Hong Kong Stock Exchange listed company has purchased a total of 134,157 private equity funds.
Each of these users has a million surge Holdings Limited (\"Million surge \")
Major shareholders of the company.
Prior to the completion of the private placement, Surge owns 12,000,000 shares of the Company\'s common stock.
Million Surge is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Zhu family trust and has an interest in both Lamtex Holdings Limited and GCL.
After the completion of the private placement and acquisition transaction, Surge, Stand lecue and Lamtex held a total of 13,956,671 common shares of the company, accounting for about 17% of the issued share capital of millennials, and 978,335 warrants
VSA Capital Shanghai Co. , Ltd. received a 3% fee for that part of the private placement purchased by Lamtex and GCL.
A 1% consultation fee was paid to Canaccord Genuity Corp.
Cash on earnings from private equity funds.
Farhad Abasov, President and CEO of the company, said, \"Millennials are very excited about the successful completion of distribution and private placement.
We welcome new and existing institutional and retail investors.
We are also pleased to see continued support from GCL and support from Lamtex\'s initial investment.
This round of financing has significantly enhanced the cash position of millennials and will enable us to carry out two major technical projects at full speed: REMSA ground exploration and development and the feasibility study of the final Pasto Grandes project.
Employs about 7,000 employees around the world and operates its business in both FMC Agricultural Solutions and FMC Lithium.
Recently, the company announced that Paul Graves, executive vice president and chief financial officer, was appointed chief executive of the new publicly traded lithium materials company previously announced, this will be created in the second half of 2018 by separating the lithium business of the FMC.
Brondeau said that the women\'s federation has conducted good guidance under the lithium battery Schneberger.
In the three years that Tom led our lithium business, he improved operational discipline and increased customer engagement.
He will work closely with Paul and the lithium leadership team to continue to drive business performance and prepare for departure.
Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F)
It is a global company based in Dearborn, Michigan.
In 2017, the company provides a more effective choice for law enforcement by revealing plug-ins
In a hybrid car, you can travel 21 miles without a drop of gas.
Special service plug-in-
In a hybrid car, the first plug-in
Ford\'s hybrid police car is designed for police and fire captains, detectives and other government personnel who do not need to be hunted downrated vehicle.
3 of the vehicle. 3-
The Kilowatt car charger allows the mechanism to charge 7. 6-kilowatt-
Battery for only 2 hours.
240-5 hoursvolt, level-two charger.
But Ford believes that most companies don\'t need more than the average 120.
Volt wall socket charging. The lithium-
A single charge of the ion battery allows the vehicle to travel 21 miles, and a separate battery power supply can drive 85 miles/hour.
Once the battery runs out, the vehicle is driven by gasoline --
Hybrid power plant-
More than 500 miles in range-
Eliminate any range anxiety issues related to the batteryonly electrics.
Panasonic Corporation (OTC: PCRFY)
In developing various electronic technologies and solutions for customers of consumer electronics, housing, automotive and B2B enterprises, I am a leading company in the world.
On 2017, the company announced its decision to start production of lithium for cars-
Ion batteries from a factory in Himeji, bingku county, have expanded domestic production as demand for such batteries increases.
Global Ecological market
With the world\'s stricter environmental regulations on cars and various incentives to promote the ecological environment, conscious cars have been growing.
Conscious vehicle
The world market for automotive batteries, which is the basic requirement of the ecosystem
Conscious cars are also growing rapidly, and automakers are increasingly looking forward to Panasonic, the leading maker of automotive lithium. ion batteries.
Panasonic has been building the production capacity of automotive batteries in Japan, the United States and China.
In order to further increase production capacity, the company decided to produce lithium-
Currently produces ion batteries from Himeji factory of LCD panel.
Lithium Corporation of America (NYSE: LAC)
Develop Cauchari with SQM-
Olaroz is located in the province of Hoi, Argentina, through its 50% interest in Minera Exar.
In addition, Nevada has 100% lithium battery batteries (
Former Kings Valley project)
, And Rhine.
, A supplier of rheotics for Petroleum
Base Drilling Fluids, coatings and specialty chemicals.
In January 18, 2018, the company provided a certain amount of company development. Minera Exar S. A.
Provided development updates on Cauchari
Olaroz project in Hoi, Argentina. Cauchari-
Olaroz continues to carry out detailed works, excluding factory design, which has been completed by 50% and is scheduled to be completed by this quarter and then the final factory design will be completed by 2018.
Construction activities related to earthwork works, roads and drilling platforms are progressing smoothly.
Minera Exar has more than 400 employees and contractors in Argentina.
In order to increase the capacity of 400 personnel, the camp expansion work is progressing smoothly
It is planned to be completed in 2018, allowing Minera Exar to continue its development activities as planned. Subscribe Now!
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