Lithium iron phosphate battery takes a place with its own advantages

by:CTECHi     2021-09-26
'In recent years, due to the market's pursuit of long battery life and multi-scenario applications, coupled with the subsidy policy tilted towards high energy density, ternary lithium batteries have overtaken lithium iron phosphate batteries and have become the darling of the market. However, with the decline of subsidies, the cost has become OEM One of the primary factors to consider is that lithium iron phosphate batteries can return to people’s vision.” Then with the mass production of new lithium iron phosphate batteries, can they achieve a 'counterattack' and become the mainstream of the market again? 'The application scenarios of ternary lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries are different, but I think that ternary lithium batteries will still be the mainstream in the future market.' The employee of the above-mentioned car company said that in the field of power batteries, ternary lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries Each has its own advantages, but since the current mainstream market is still dominated by ternary batteries, the market will not change much in the short term. 'High nickel ternary batteries are currently favored by the market due to their high nickel content, low cobalt content, high energy density and low cost advantages. Therefore, I think the development of ternary batteries to high nickel is a future trend.' Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Wangqin Mei, an analyst at Wangxin Energy, also believes that considering the technical limitations of the quality density of lithium iron phosphate batteries and the downward trend in the cost of high-nickel ternary, high-nickel ternary will still be the mainstream of power batteries in the next three years. trend. 'But these two products will occupy a place in the market with their own advantages, and look forward to greater breakthroughs in the performance of new energy vehicles in the future to meet the different needs of consumers.'
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