lithium-ion battery\'s inner workings revealed with new imaging technique

by:CTECHi     2020-01-24
Scientists said on Tuesday that they had done their first research on overheated lithium
Use advanced X-ion batteries
Use ray imaging to determine how to make this ubiquitous technology safer.
Light charging, Li-
From mobile phones, cameras and computers to electric cars, and the recent e-commerce, ion batteries power our world. cigarettes.
In rare cases, they can be dangerous, and damage and fire can be caused by overheating and explosion.
Some airlines have banned heavy shipments of Li-
After testing, the failure of the ion battery can lead to a potentially catastrophic chain reaction.
In a study published in the journal Nature Communications, scientists say they now have a better understanding of what failed.
\"This new technology will provide an ability to evaluate different batteries and how they age, degrade and fail,\" the research firm said.
Paul Shearing, author of University College London (UCL).
Billions of dollars-
The team said that ion batteries are being manufactured every year and understanding what happens when they fail is the key to improving the design.
Use high-speed X-
X-ray tomography, X-ray photography and thermal imaging, shear and a team were able to describe how overheating caused deformation of the gas pocket inside the battery.
Shear states that overheating may be due to electrical or mechanical abuse or the presence of external heat sources, such as a failure of adjacent batteries in large battery packs.
\"According to the battery design, there is a critical temperature range that, when reached, will trigger further heat events, which will also generate heat,\" he told AFP via email . \".
\"Once the rate of heat generated exceeds the rate of heat dissipation into the environment, the temperature of the battery begins to rise, and after that, a series of harmful events spread in a process known as Heat runaway.
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