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by:CTECHi     2020-02-15
For various reasons, lithium-ion batteries are becoming more and more popular throughout the tool industry.Li-Ion battery technology effectively and reliably stores more power and charge than any other battery of its kind.Understand the lithium ion battery knowledge that each tool owner should know and how to optimize Li-Ion battery performance.
Lithium ion (Li-Ion) battery technology is one of the fastest growing trends in the tool sector, and of course there is a good reason.Lithium-ion batteries have the best energy-to-weight ratio, which means they are packed at maximum power in a minimum volume.They also have no memory effect and no lazy battery effect.
When the battery is recharged without full use and no longer accepts maximum charge, this occurs (common symptoms of nickel-cadmium (NiCad) batteries ).Li-Instead, the ion battery has no memory at all and can continue to receive maximum charging.In addition, when the battery is detached, the charging loss of the lithium ion battery is very slow.
What is the difference between lithium battery and lithium ion battery?The difference is in chemistry;Lithium battery is a disposable power supply consisting of lithium metal compoundsThe key words here are one-off;Lithium batteries cannot be charged.On the other hand, the lithium ion battery is plugged in, which means that the lithium ion inside the battery moves between the two internal electrodes.This movement or reversible of lithium ion determines the charging capacity of the battery.
What are the benefits of lithium ion technology?--The power of the lithium ion battery is very high and very light-Weight, especially considering other rechargeable batteries.--Li-Ion batteries combine single-cell technology with greater energy reserves than nickel-metal hydrogenation and nickel-cadmium batteries.They store more power than NiCad and NiMH.
--Li-The charging time of the ion battery is much longer than other similar batteries, and provides stable power before the charge is completely stopped.Other batteries lose power gradually and steadily when you work.Li-The ion battery remained strong until the last push.
Are there any drawbacks to using lithium ion batteries?Disadvantages of using Li-Ion battery technology is usually rare, and technological advances make them less important.The manufacturer has recently improved the lithium ion formula to reveal more reliable batteries.Nevertheless, each giant has its own weakness :--Li-Ion batteries are sensitive to strong hot and cold temperatures.
In extreme temperature conditions, the degradation rate of the battery will be faster.--Li-Regardless of the frequency of use, Ion batteries degrade.--The Li-Built-in ion batteryIn a computer chip, the battery refuses to charge once the battery is less than a certain point.
If this happens, the battery will not be repaired.Although these defects are more suitable for older lithium-ion batteries, the possibility of seeing these problems is still noteworthy.Fortunately, these defects are fairly rare and easy to avoid.
--Store Li-Use ion batteries (and other batteries) in cool and dry places ).--Use your Li-Ion batteries are often used.--Be certain Li-Ion batteries are fully charged before they are stored, and they are taken out for use and charged every once in a while.
Observe the power level of the battery to ensure that it is not below the charging limit.General Li-Ion battery Tips :--Sometimes a lithium-ion battery requires more than one charge (sometimes 2 to 10 times) to receive a full charge.The first time you charge the battery, let it charge all night.
This ensures that you have maximum power when you first use it.--In order to keep the battery properly balanced, let it charge once a week during the battery life.--When buying a new lithium ion battery, be sure to buy a new one.
On the shelves of manufacturers and dealers, it is possible that the battery has been degraded, so be sure to buy a new one.Most manufacturers provide date codes on batteries or packaging.Check the date before purchase and be sure you will get a fresh, highPerformance battery.
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