Lithium-ion batteries are the absolute winner in the future battery market

by:CTECHi     2021-08-01

Batteries, as a device that directly converts chemical energy into electrical energy, play an important role in the national economy and defense industry. In recent years, the rapid development of Internet technology, the rapid development of electronic information technology, and the miniaturization and intelligentization of electronic equipment, especially in recent years, the industry chain developed by Apple and Samsung relying on smartphones and tablet computers has made this industry unprecedented. The prosperous development of the mobile power supply has also led to the expansion and development of related industries. Among them, the rapid growth in the demand for mobile power is the most significant. Of course, this also puts forward higher requirements for mobile power. In addition, electric vehicles have attracted much attention because they become potential substitutes for gasoline-powered vehicles in the 21st century, and mobile power systems are a key component of the development of electric vehicles. Therefore, low-cost, environmentally-friendly, high-energy-specific batteries have become the key content of the development of the mobile power industry. Throughout the development history of batteries, we can see the five major characteristics of the current battery industry development: (1) Green and environmentally friendly batteries have become the mainstream and have developed rapidly, including lithium-ion batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, and polymer batteries; The conversion of rechargeable batteries to secondary rechargeable batteries is in line with the sustainable development strategy; (3) Further development in the direction of smaller, lighter and thinner (4) Further improvement of battery capacity, high-quality specific energy, high-volume specific energy battery demand is also Put it on the agenda; (5) The safety performance and cycle performance of the battery are always hot topics in the battery industry in this century, and it has never been low-key. With the above characteristics, as the pioneer of the contemporary battery industry, lithium-ion batteries have already met and partially met our various requirements for mobile power supplies. The main application directions of lithium-ion batteries include rechargeable batteries for portable electronic products, power tools, and electric cars. Among them, the application of automotive power batteries has just begun. According to industry research reports, in the future, lithium-ion batteries will still be kings in the field of mobile phones, notebooks and tablets. At the same time, lithium-ion batteries will also extend their application market to the relatively mature nickel-cadmium power tool market and the hybrid of nickel-metal hydride batteries. Power car market and lead-acid battery electric bicycle market. With the official promulgation of the 'Energy-saving and New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan' issued by the State Council for 2 years, China’s electric vehicle market will open a new chapter, and the golden development period of lithium-ion batteries is still far away. Before it comes, lithium batteries are still a sunrise industry with unlimited potential.

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