Lithium giants have expanded their recruitment and plan to build a lithium-ion battery factory in Argentina

by:CTECHi     2021-08-25
Introduction: my country's Ganfeng Lithium Industry has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Production and Development of Argentina and Jujuy Province to plan to establish a lithium-ion battery plant. Argentina’s Minister of Production and Development Matías Kulfas and the governor of Jujuy Province in northern Argentina, Gerardo Morales, signed a memorandum of understanding with my country’s Ganfeng Lithium Industry last week, planning to build a lithium-ion battery plant. The two parties also confirmed the intention of future cooperation related to lithium mining. The agreement focuses on evaluating the feasibility of joint projects related to lithium exploration and sustainable power. The Minister of Production and Development of Argentina, Matías Kulfas, said: “This is a win-win process.” In March 2016, Chilean non-metallic miner SQM announced that it would acquire 50% of the project from the American Lithium Corporation in order to invest in Cauchari at the Exar mine in Argentina. -Olaroz salt flats extract lithium. In 2018, Lithium America announced another strategic cooperation with Ganfeng Lithium. Ganfeng Lithium purchased its shares in the SQM project for US$87.5 million. The project will start production in the middle of 2022. Once it is put into operation, it is expected to produce 40,000 tons of battery-grade lithium carbonate annually. Ganfeng Lithium owns 51% of the mine, and American Lithium holds the remaining 49%. The salt flats in the border area between Argentina, Bolivia and Chile have about half of the world's lithium reserves, so this area is named the 'Lithium Triangle'. Recently, the BMW Group also announced a deal to purchase more than US$300 million of lithium from Argentina in the next few years from 2022 and use it to produce electric vehicle batteries.
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