Lithium battery recycling is a big problem or a big opportunity

by:CTECHi     2021-07-13

In recent years, with the gradual expansion of the market share of lithium batteries, the recycling of lithium batteries has become a problem that cannot be ignored. According to relevant data forecasts, by 2020, discarded lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries will bring a serious burden to the environment.

Relatively speaking, after hundreds of years of development, the traditional lead-acid battery recycling system has become more mature and complete. At present, the recycling value of lead-acid batteries is relatively high. Under normal circumstances, the recycling rate of a set of lead storage batteries can reach about 80%, and some companies with advanced recycling equipment can even reach 98%.

Currently, there are two main methods for recycling lithium batteries:

First, the echelon utilization of lithium batteries. For batteries whose capacity has dropped and cannot be used by electric vehicles, they are used in cascades. The so-called cascade utilization is to unpack the battery packs with reduced capacity, test and screen the modules, and then assemble and utilize them. In daily life, families often use up the lithium batteries in toy cars and put them in the alarm clock to continue working. This is also a simple ladder use.

2. Recycling and dismantling of lithium batteries. It refers to the dismantling of lithium batteries that have no value for cascading use, and the recovery of nickel, cobalt, manganese, lithium and other materials. This is also one of the large-scale recycling methods for lithium batteries.

In fact, there are still some problems in both the first and second recycling methods. For example, the echelon utilization of lithium batteries, the product models of lithium batteries are too many, and the output is relatively scattered, which undoubtedly poses a greater challenge to the recycling technology of enterprises. Therefore, the recycling of lithium batteries mainly uses the dismantling and recycling method with lower technical requirements, but on the other hand, this method requires huge funds.

Although my country started late in the field of lithium battery recycling, the lithium battery recycling system is not very complete, and there are problems such as immature conditions in various aspects. But in fact, some powerful large lithium battery companies have begun to deploy the recycling industry, which is also good news for dealers. With the further popularization and development of the lithium battery industry, the lithium battery recycling market will usher in a 'golden age' in the near future!

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