Lithium battery production quality control process control

by:CTECHi     2021-07-11

Product production process is the realization process of controlling and improving product quality and value growth, so process control has become an important link for the survival of the enterprise.

It has always attached great importance to process control, identifying key processes, key processes and general processes in the production process, and conducting process management in different monitoring methods according to different process levels; Due to the particularity of the product, there are 6 full inspection links in the production process.

For all processes, there are three basic monitoring methods: patrol inspection, self-inspection, and mutual inspection; in these three inspection processes, if quality problems are found, they will be rectified, recorded and tracked immediately. Eliminate defective products and eliminate the factors that produce bad phenomena. Each production line has a special person to conduct the first inspection of the start of the shift, the production process inspection work, and all the inspection results are recorded in the record, which is convenient for the follow-up and analysis of the later situation.

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