Lithium battery product identification method

by:CTECHi     2021-07-18

Lithium batteries have the advantages of small size, large capacity and no memory effect. In some applications, they have basically replaced traditional Ni-MH batteries and other batteries. Before, lithium batteries were used in many high-end products on the market. Due to the high price of lithium batteries in the market, the phenomenon of using fake batteries as original batteries has been repeatedly banned. The following lithium battery manufacturers teach you some tips: how to identify lithium battery products.

How to identify lithium battery products

1, check the safety label

The key is to see if there is an anti-counterfeiting label. Generally speaking, most brands of batteries will put an anti-counterfeiting label on the docking part of the battery shell when they leave the factory. So when you buy it, pay attention to whether the anti-counterfeiting label is attached properly. If necessary, you can also scratch off the anti-counterfeiting label's password coating to verify the authenticity. Finally, we must also pay attention to the production of lithium batteries.

2. Loading process inspection

General authentic lithium batteries should have an internal overcurrent protector. When the current is too large due to a short circuit, the circuit will be automatically cut off to avoid burning or damaging the electronic products. In addition, the lithium battery has an overcharge protection circuit. When using non-standard electrical appliances and the AC current is too large, it will automatically cut off the power. If the battery is found to be severely heated or smoke or even explode during the charging process, it means that the battery is fake .

3. Performance identification method

Generally speaking, the working time of the battery is a relative concept. The capacity should not be less than 95% of the standard capacity. The minimum capacity of the battery after 28 days of full charge should not be less than 60% of the rated capacity. The service life of the battery should not be less than 400 times. If the battery does not meet the above standards, it can be judged as Fakes.

4. All genuine lithium batteries should be neat in appearance, free of extra burrs, and have a certain degree of roughness and comfortable feel on the outer surface; the inner surface is smooth, and small vertical directions can be seen under light. Scratches. The battery electrode has the same width as the cell phone battery sheet, and the corresponding positions under the battery electrode are marked with [+], [-]. The isolation of the battery charging electrode material is the same as the isolation of the housing material, but not one.

5. Compare battery capacity

The general nickel-cadmium battery is 500mAh or 600mAh, and the nickel-hydrogen battery is only 800-900mAh ; The capacity of lithium-ion mobile phone batteries is generally between 1300-1400mAh, so lithium batteries are about 1.5 times that of Ni-MH batteries and 3.0 times that of Ni-Cd batteries. If you find that the working hours of your lithium-ion mobile phone battery are not as long as specified in the advertisement or in the manual, it may be fake.

When we identify genuine and fake batteries, we often overlook a small detail, namely the battery contacts. Since the contacts of various brand-name real mobile phone batteries are mostly annealed and should be matte rather than bright, we can initially judge the authenticity of mobile phone batteries based on this.

In addition, we also need to carefully observe the color of the contacts. The contacts of fake mobile phone batteries are usually made of copper, so their color will become red or white. The real cell phone battery should be pure gold, if it turns red or white, it may be fake.

The above is the identification method for lithium battery products introduced for you. Using fake lithium batteries will cause frequent low-power charging, and fake lithium batteries may also explode, so users are buying When using lithium batteries, beware of unscrupulous dealers to replace the batteries, and carefully check the authenticity of the batteries in the box.

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