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by:CTECHi     2020-01-22
A new generation of space
Thanks to China\'s breakthrough in battery power, faring technology may be created.
Experts have developed lithium-ion energy batteries that run at a record speed. 70°C (-94°F)
Thanks to the organic materials used in their building.
Lithium batteries power everything from smartphones to electric cars, but they are lost in the sub-
Zero temperature.
The discovery can help engineers develop technologies that are suitable for resisting the coldest planets such as Mars or the coldest regions on Earth.
The video oa team of battery researchers at Fudan University in Shanghai has come up with a design that works even if other batteries may fail.
They try to use two organic compounds as electrodes, which are conductive materials for electricity coming in and out of the battery.
The electrolyte is a chemical medium that carries ions between electrodes, and the Chinese team used ethanol for their batteries-
Based on electrolyte.
The freezing point here is very low-83. 6 °C (-118°F)
This means that it can be charged even at very low temperatures.
In a written statementYong-
Yao Xia of the chemistry department of the university said: \"It is well known that electrolyte and electrode have a great impact on battery performance.
Benefit from ethanol-
Based on electrolyte and organic polymer electrodes, rechargeable batteries can be
-Low temperature70°C (-94°F).
Compared with the transition periodmetal-
Electrode material containing traditional lithium
Ion batteries, rich in organic materials, cheap prices, environmental protection.
While batteries can work in a relatively cold climate, they have limitations.
When the temperature reaches the best level, most people perform only 5020°C (-4°F). By-40°C (-40°F), lithium-
The room temperature capacity of ion batteries is only about 12.
This can be severely limited when it comes to operating batteries in space, where the temperature may drop-157°C (-250°F)
Even in parts of Canada and Russia, where temperatures may be lower-50°C (-58°F).
Unlike the electrodes used in lithium
Organic compounds used-ion batteries
A cathode of polytriamine and 1,5, 5,8-
Diammonium four-
Derived pi anode-
Don\'t rely on the insert layer.
This is the process of continuously integrating ions into its molecular matrix, which slows down as the temperature drops.
Other battery researchers are trying to solve this problem by developing additives for batteries of materials that require extra weight.
This includes the external heating of the battery or the use of liquefied gas electrolyte.
DrXia and his team believe that this could be a more elegant solution than other attempts to increase lithium content
Ion batteries work at extreme temperatures.
And operation-70°C (-94°F)
, The battery also works at high temperatures up to 55 °C (131°F).
The price of the electrode material is also around 1 out of 3 of the traditional lithium electrode priceion battery.
However, it still needs some adjustment before the battery is ready to leave the lab.
The researchers believe that the energy generated by the battery is still very low compared with commercial lithiumion batteries.
Further optimization is also needed in the assembly process.
The results of the study were published in the journal joules.
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