Lithium battery companies have a fierce reshuffle pattern, and the industry chain companies usher in a 'big wave scouring the sand' screening

by:CTECHi     2021-07-18

Competitive landscape of China’s lithium battery industry: The industry has been reshuffled fiercely and concentrated on the leader

In 2018, there were 93 lithium battery companies in China, a decline from 2017. The industry reshuffle pattern is fierce, and the industry chain companies usher in a 'big wave' screening.

At present, 95% of the enterprises in my country's lithium battery industry are small and medium-sized enterprises, with small scale and low technical level. They mainly produce low-end lithium battery products. The 'Notice on Adjusting and Improving the Financial Support Policies for the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles' implemented in June 2018 through subsidy measures indicated higher requirements for the energy density of new energy vehicle batteries, and low-end lithium battery overcapacity was gradually eliminated.

Further comparison of the installed capacity of my country’s power lithium battery CR5 and CR10 from 2017 to 2018 shows that the concentration of my country’s power lithium battery market has been very high. In 2018, my country’s power The lithium battery CR5 is 74%, the CR10 reaches 83%, and the CR20 is as high as 92%, which means that the power lithium battery companies ranked after the 20th have actually been marginalized.

Specifically analyze the enterprise structure of my country's lithium battery industry in 2018. CATL accounted for 41.19%, and installed capacity reached 23.43GWh, an increase of 123% year-on-year; ranked second It was BYD, which accounted for 20.09%, and the installed capacity reached 11.43GWh, an increase of 102.43% year-on-year; the third place was Guoxuan Hi-Tech, which accounted for 5.4%, with an installed capacity of 3.07GWh. The competition among high-end products in my country's lithium battery industry is mainly concentrated between a few domestic companies and foreign companies, which is a monopolistic competition pattern. As my country's policy puts forward higher requirements for lithium battery products, market share will further concentrate on leading companies.

In terms of operating income, my country’s four major listed lithium battery companies have shown a steady growth trend. Since BYD’s business also includes the sales of new energy vehicles, its revenue and research and development Expenses are much higher than the other three companies.

In terms of net profit, CATL’s net profit has maintained a rapid growth every year, while BYD and Guoxuan Hi-Tech both showed slight declines in 2017; it is worth noting that the four The gross profit margin of enterprises has shown a decline in 2017. The main reason is that the Chinese government's subsidies for new energy vehicles are declining at a rate of 30% per year, and the profit margins of lithium battery companies have been compressed.

Competitive prospects of the lithium battery industry: foreign capital enters the Chinese market, and the oligopoly structure will be further strengthened

With the new energy automobile industry The globalization process is gradually deepening. Countries and key enterprises all over the world have stepped up efforts to develop the power battery field of the lithium battery industry. The high specific energy power battery technology based on new materials and structures has become the focus of competition in various countries, and the current automotive power battery safety, Life, low temperature characteristics, and cost reduction are the direction of industrial technology development.

In the United States, Japan, Europe, South Korea and other countries/regions, technology planning and key corporate strategic planning have repeatedly mentioned the new architecture vehicle power battery technology, focusing on high Performance battery materials, high-performance lithium-ion power batteries (committed to life, energy density and safety improvement), high-performance battery packs, battery management systems, thermal management, battery standard systems, next-generation lithium-ion power batteries, lithium metal batteries, Battery cascade utilization and recycling technology, battery manufacturing technology and equipment, etc.

my country’s lithium battery industry has grown from scratch, from small to large, and has developed rapidly. With the key support of national science and technology projects, China’s lithium battery industry is the key to the field of power batteries Significant progress has been made in technology, key materials and product research. Although the technology and products of small-capacity power lithium battery still have a certain gap compared with foreign countries, the development of the large-capacity power lithium battery industry is already at the international leading level. The characteristics of single-cell power batteries have already met the conditions for popularization and application. The power lithium battery industry has entered a critical stage of industrialization construction and promotion and application. Judging from the layout of my country's listed lithium battery companies in 2018, CATL has cooperated with foreign auto companies and built battery production bases in Germany; BYD and China Xuan Hi-Tech has carried out power lithium battery projects in Chongqing and Qingdao respectively.

It is worth noting that in 2018, foreign-funded lithium battery companies obtained the license to operate in my country for the first time. It will cause fierce competition in the field of lithium battery power batteries in my country.

According to a research report released by UBS, the global lithium battery industry's demand for power batteries in the future will increase from 93GWh in 2018 to 973GWh in 2025. It is estimated that by 2021, the production capacity of Japan's Panasonic, LG Chem, and CATL will exceed 50GWh, which is an absolute source of increase. The future global battery market oligopoly will further strengthen.

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