Lithium batteries won: plasma electrolyte costs high, aluminum batteries are temporarily unavailable for commercial use

by:CTECHi     2021-07-10

With the popularity of digital products, more and more people are tired of the 'need to wait for several hours to charge the phone'. In the future, it may take only one minute to fully charge your new mobile phone battery. On April 6, the online edition of the authoritative scientific journal 'Nature' published a report that an American research team, mainly Chinese researchers, developed an aluminum battery that can make a mobile phone 'full of blood and revive' in only 60 seconds. It is reported that this research team is headed by Dai Hongjie, a professor of Chemistry at Stanford University and a Chinese-American, Lu Bingan, associate professor of the School of Physics of Hunan University, and many other scholars participated. Dai Hongjie said that this aluminum battery model is cheap, durable and flexible. Compared with previous attempts on aluminum batteries, this research result is a major breakthrough in battery technology, and it is expected to replace lithium batteries commonly found in existing notebook computers and mobile phones in the future. According to the report published in the online edition of the authoritative scientific journal Nature, the current battery has various problems. Traditional batteries, such as alkaline batteries, will pollute the environment after being discarded, while lithium-ion batteries usually catch fire in an 'unpredictable way'. Therefore, most airlines prohibit passengers from checking lithium batteries. But the new type of aluminum battery developed by Dai Hongjie’s team will not catch fire even if you drill holes on it. The battery is more durable and can be recharged more than 7,500 times without any loss of capacity. For a long time, the main problem with no substantial breakthrough in aluminum battery research lies in battery materials. Dai Hongjie said that they used graphite as a negative electrode material, tested several graphite materials with good performance, and used a plasma liquid equivalent to a salt solution as an electrolyte, thereby solving the bottleneck problem of aluminum battery research on materials. Lu Bingan said that charging 5000 mAh in 60 seconds is the charging speed of this aluminum-ion battery. The battery capacity of general mobile phones is about two to three thousand mAh, iPhone6 u200bu200bbattery 1810 mAh, iPhone6plus battery 2915 mAh, Samsung S5 battery 2800 mAh, which means that if they replace this aluminum battery in the future, it only needs dozens of It can be fully charged in seconds. According to reports, the new aluminum battery is more durable and can be recharged more than 7,500 times without any loss of capacity. Previously, aluminum batteries generally died after only 100 charge-discharge cycles, and mainstream lithium-ion batteries could only continue to charge and discharge 1,000 times. 'Millions of consumers use 1.5-volt AA and AAA batteries, and rechargeable aluminum batteries can generate 2 volts of current. This is an unprecedented breakthrough for aluminum materials.' The report's author wrote. Ming Gong, the co-author of the report, pointed out that “Another feature of aluminum batteries is that they are malleable and flexible. You can bend and fold them, so they have the potential to be used in flexible electronic devices.” In addition, “aluminum The price is also cheaper than lithium metal.' Due to the high cost of plasma liquid as an electrolyte, this new type of aluminum battery is still far from production, and commercially viable aluminum batteries have not yet come out. But there is no doubt that aluminum-ion batteries have a bright future. If they can be put on the market as soon as possible, they will definitely be loved by consumers.

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