Lithium batteries will face elimination? 'Super battery' comes out

by:CTECHi     2021-07-13

With the continuous development of science and technology, new energy vehicles have gradually replaced fuel vehicles and entered people’s lives, becoming a'future trend'. At the same time, there are also many new energy vehicle companies appearing in the market. It seems that everyone wants to catch up with this new energy momentum. For example, we know Tesla, a company that was on the verge of closing down, but now it is on the top of the mountain in the field of new energy by relying on the new energy station.

Nowadays, major companies are moving closer to the field of new energy vehicles. Well-known companies such as Evergrande and Alibaba have invested in the field of new energy vehicles. Although this new energy vehicle is indeed very popular at present, the key question whether major companies can do a good job is on the technical level, and the most important thing for new energy vehicles is the 'battery technology'.

Battery life is the most important issue for new energy vehicles. The car is very easy to build, and the technology of the major car companies has been very mature. What needs to be solved is the battery problem. . Nowadays, a super battery is 'coming out'. It is reported that it only takes 15 seconds to charge, and it is not easy to age. It is very likely that lithium batteries will be 'eliminated' in the future!

Super battery'come out'

This kind of super battery is actually a graphene battery. It is reported that it is made by Germany A new type of battery jointly developed by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Skeleton in Estonia, based on a graphene structure, can charge 1,000 times faster than lithium batteries.

The material of graphene is even more special, with incomparable conductivity, strength, and even ultra-light weight. The battery based on this material not only has a particularly large power storage capacity, but its charging speed can also be greatly improved. According to research and development personnel, this battery can achieve multiple cycles in terms of battery life, and its life will not be reduced accordingly.

The 'coming out' of this new energy battery has caused major new energy automobile companies to boil over. It is reported that many car companies have already expressed interest in this kind of graphene battery. Conducted technical research. However, it seems that there is still a long way to go before this battery can be used in new energy vehicles. The high cost and technical difficulty have become problems for the mass production and use of graphene batteries.

GAC is'leading the trend'

Just in mid-January 2021, GAC Group released a preview meeting, The graphene-based super fast charge battery developed by it was shown to the public. According to GAC, this battery can be fully charged with 80% power in 8 minutes and has a battery life of up to 1000Km.

Furthermore, GAC also stated that they have overcome the cost problem of graphene batteries, and the cost of production and preparation is only 1/10 of the conventional cost. It is reported that in 2021, GAC will put this battery into actual vehicles for mass production. In this way, the GAC Group seems to have been'far ahead'.

Lithium batteries may be eliminated in the future

But for now, no matter what kind of battery, or the application of lithium battery The range is relatively wide, but compared with the 'super new technology' of graphene batteries, lithium batteries have many shortcomings. For example, the aging speed of the battery is too fast, which means its 'short life

More than that, the safety of lithium batteries is also an issue considered by the public. As we all know, such batteries are likely to explode at high and low temperatures. At the same time, the cost of lithium batteries is not low, which is why so many companies are currently studying battery technology, hoping to develop new batteries to replace lithium batteries.

So some experts said that when graphene batteries come out, lithium batteries are likely to be eliminated.

Is it a 'super technology' or a 'joke'?

However, according to many industry insiders, lithium batteries will never be eliminated in a short time. More than that, in the view of their battery circle, this graphene battery has become a'joke'. Because there are still many problems in the research and development of such batteries, many senior people believe that graphene batteries cannot be put into production at all.

Take the GAC Group as an example. Although the GAC Group has publicly announced the battery technology, in fact, as early as last year, GAC had publicly announced the use of batteries in vehicles. In 2020, GAC Group announced that after six years of research in its company's Ru0026D department, it has gradually mastered the technology for the application of this graphene material. And it will be put into mass production and use by the end of 2020, but so far, it has not been put into use in vehicles.

Industry veterans said that the graphene battery developed by GAC is actually just a small additive, which cannot be used as the main material of the battery, let alone reach the “legend”. Kind of effect. However, many people still have full confidence in graphene batteries. It is reported that Skeleton has reached a cooperation with an automobile manufacturer and will officially launch this graphene battery in 2023.

We don’t know whether it is a “super technology” or a “joke”, but if this technology is really used in real vehicles, then for the entire new energy field, It is a qualitative leap. For us car owners, we can also enjoy the convenience brought by technology.

Do you believe in super batteries? If the battery is put into use in vehicles, would you buy a new energy vehicle? Welcome to leave a message to discuss.

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