Lithium batteries are about to replace lead-acid batteries and usher in great development

by:CTECHi     2021-07-14

Since the country has initiated comprehensive environmental rectification activities, the daily production suspension and production restrictions of secondary lead smelters have caused the price of lead-acid batteries on the market to rise all the way, and dealers’ profits are getting weaker and weaker. On the contrary, at present, with the accelerated expansion of production capacity of materials such as lithium manganate and lithium carbonate, the market prices have fallen year by year. The price advantage of lead-acid batteries is gradually lost. Lithium batteries are about to replace lead-acid batteries and usher in great development.

With the country’s policy tilt towards the new energy industry, lithium batteries have become an ideal energy source for development in the 21st century and have attracted more and more attention. When the new national standard 'boots' officially landed, the wave of lithium batteries hit, with its light and environmentally friendly characteristics, the sales of lithium batteries in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other first-tier cities soared, and the acceptance of lithium batteries in second- and third-tier cities was also increasing. But for the high price of lithium batteries, many consumers are still discouraged! Is that really the case?

In the manufacturing process of lithium batteries, electrode manufacturing, battery assembly and other processes will have an impact on the safety of the battery. At present, some manufacturers specializing in the production of lithium batteries in the industry have mastered sophisticated patented technology, which has greatly improved the safety of lithium batteries.

Industry professionals clearly stated that in 2 years, lithium batteries will replace more than 60% of lead-acid batteries. At the same time, the cost of lithium batteries will drop by 40% or even lower in 2 years. Based on the price of lead acid. At present, the price of lithium manganese oxide, a raw material for lithium batteries, has fallen by 10%, which is fully in line with the trend of significant cost reduction in two years. It does not even take two years for the price advantage of lithium batteries to be fully utilized.

With the increase in market share, lithium batteries not only improve the ratio of raw materials, but also focus on product technology. On the one hand, it reduces labor costs. On the other hand, The automated production process greatly improves the consistency of the products, and ultimately reduces the cost while fully guaranteeing the profits of the dealers.

With the prominent performance advantages, lithium batteries have gradually expanded the market scale, and the increase in demand directly leads to the expansion of production capacity and the reduction of manufacturing costs, which in turn stimulates market demand Further growth. In this way, the lithium battery industry has embarked on a virtuous cycle of development.

For dealers, if they seize lithium batteries, they will seize the new direction of the future battery industry. Choose a safe and cost-effective lithium battery brand. Important proposition! As the price of lead-acid batteries continues to rise and the cost of lithium batteries drops, it will usher in a big explosion ahead of schedule!

The lithium battery market is getting bigger and bigger, and the future lithium battery repair market will definitely be a bigger market.

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