lithfire-x awarded patent protection for li ion fire suppression system.

by:CTECHi     2020-04-23
Detroit, MI, June 05, 2013--(PR. com)--LithFire-
A limited liability company in Detroit
Headquartered in special fire and safety management company, it has been granted patent protection for fire extinguishing systems specifically designed to control and extinguish lithium ion battery fires in electric energy storage configurations.
Energy storage applications save the energy generated in a variety of ways (
Power Grid, wind energy, solar energy, etc. )
For later use.
These systems rely on storage media to control energy.
Lithium-ion batteries are one of the more and more effective media at present and in the future. Lithium ion (Li ion)
The battery is perfect for this application and is expected to be used worldwidewide scale. While Li-
Ion batteries and other battery technologies for energy storage are usually safe and offer great benefits, and they do have drawbacks.
They are threatened by more and more serious fires.
Recently, a number of fire incidents involving lithium-ion batteries have occurred around the world, which have caused dangers in the safety of lithium-ion batteries. The fast-Communication, high
Energy fires pose a threat to human security and have the potential to disrupt very expensive storage systems.
Ron Butler, partner at LithFire, said: \"Energy storage fires pose a threat to human security and cause huge economic losses. X.
\"We deal with fire threats in a proprietary, National way --of-the-
The art of fire fighting.
Different from the fire extinguishing system that only eliminates visible flames at present; the LithFire-
The X system locates the suppression to a single battery.
This allows a single battery to cool, thus interrupting the combustion process and preventing the entire battery from being damaged by an inhibitor or fire.
\"Our system separates cells, prevents the fire from spreading, and protects adjacent cells and the whole system again,\" Butler said . \".
\"The existing suppression system will not do this at all.
\"Many companies that use and ensure these systems recognize the risk of using lithium-ion batteries for energy storage.
\"We are currently working with many large battery manufacturers, utilities and the US military to protect their assets,\" Butler said . \".
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X in (248)752-7110 (cell), (313)444-4849 (office)
, Email: lithfirex @ gmail
Or visit the company website: www. lithfire-x.
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