lipo/lion batteries from laptop cells

by:CTECHi     2020-02-09
Many people want to develop a hobby of Flying RC planes or driving RC cars, but they cannot do so due to the price of LiPo or LIon batteries.
On the other hand, millions of laptop batteries are thrown away every year because one of their batteries is broken or the owner throws away the laptop.
The cool thing is that the old laptop battery can easily be converted to a fully functional battery for RC applications, with little time and energy.
They can also balance charging to extend life.
In this manual, I will recycle and manufacture RC-grade batteries from old laptop batteries.
The following video will supplement this description by visually demonstrating what this description shows.
Let\'s start.
To find the laptop battery needed for this project, you can look anywhere.
Ask around about the laptop being broken or go to the bin.
I got the laptop battery I used in this manual from a laptop and the motherboard was baked in it.
Since the actual laptop is no longer in use, I extracted the battery.
To extract the laptop battery, you need to use a screwdriver to pry open the battery at the seams of the battery.
The laptop battery is stuck together, not screwed together, so it becomes more difficult.
After turning on the battery, cut off the connection and wires between the batteries to release all individual batteries.
After these are free, we can start making RC batteries.
You need for this project;
To start making the battery, weld all the wires and positive and negative poles of the battery with a soldering iron.
To tin, keep the iron on the surface you want the tin for 5 seconds, and then touch the solder to the surface, not the tip of the iron.
Before welding any wires together, first tape all the batteries into triangles.
Make sure the two batteries are in the same direction, and one is in the opposite direction.
This makes it easier to connect in Series batteries.
Then wrap the battery with tape.
In order to connect the battery in series, weld the positive and negative poles of the battery with small length wires.
Make sure to connect one positive and one negative to the battery connector on.
To weld the battery connector, connect a piece of wire on the male type battery connector that matches the RC vehicle connector you are building.
The wire length is then welded to the remaining negative and positive poles on the battery pack.
Remember polarity.
To weld on the balance connector, weld the 4 connecting wires to each point on the battery according to the schematic diagram above.
Make sure there is enough slack on the balance charger connector.
The final step of this project is to cover the battery with tape to cover the electrical contacts, fix the wires and make them look beautiful.
To do this, wrap the whole battery with tape.
Make sure to cover front and rear contacts with tape.
In addition, ensure the safety of the wire.
After that, the battery pack should be made.
Once the battery is complete, insert it into the balance charger and set it to the type of battery used to make the battery pack, keep in mind if the type of battery you are using does not balance the charger;
The Lipo charger should work with the lion pack as the same charging program is used.
Always ensure that the battery voltage used in the package is the same or higher as the voltage that the balance charger can provide.
This can prevent the explosion of packaging.
To test these batteries, connect them to the RC vehicle to be used and have fun!
I used these batteries on an RC plane made at home.
Thanks for reading, good luck!
The video below shows a test of the aircraft with a battery, which crashed due to a design flaw, not the battery.
Statement: This project involves volatile lithium batteries with the possibility of explosion.
Due to the construction of this project, I am not responsible for any damage caused by the reader and his property.
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