lighting - the advantages of solar power

by:CTECHi     2020-09-10
In the modern world, there are few houses, streets, businesses or transportation facilities that do not use electric lights.
While electricity is often considered a panacea for all environmental problems, it depends largely on how electricity is produced.
Electricity generated by fossil fuels will still cause carbon dioxide pollution.
This is still a big advantage compared to gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles, generating toxic smoke in towns and urban centers, but humans still need to work hard to generate electricity from renewable sources.
Lighting is by no means the biggest power user for individuals.
But when you consider the number of street lights in a densely populated city, it all adds up.
If the electricity consumed by power lighting can be generated through renewable energy, the savings on pollution emissions will be considerable.
So far, street lamp technology powered by renewable energy is not commercially viable.
But we have arrived.
There are already many different types of solar lights available for use in the home garden.
There are even rumors that in order to save electricity, the British government has been considering dimming on British roads and even on highways.
This situation has not been implemented due to decreased driver vision and increased risk of accidents.
It would be better to create a lighting system that will produce the same amount of light from renewable sources.
On exposed highways, wind power is possible because noise factors are less important on roads far from home or workplace.
However, there is no noise in solar energy.
So if the technology is able to produce panels at cost-effective prices, it can be implemented on any road.
The train station in north Wales can find an interesting example of solar lighting on transport facilities.
The winding rail line around the Welsh coast comes from Shrewsbury, and many stations are just small villages that serve very few people.
These stations are basically unattended and require light sources that are rarely maintained.
These stations in north Wales now have lights installed on solar panels.
Solar panel power generation-
Even in a cold, dull, cloudy climate in North Wales
Electricity is then stored in a battery similar to the vehicle\'s battery.
This Welsh experiment is expected to point the way forward for solar lighting to become an increasingly important part of providing public lighting.
Of course, many homes use solar panels on their roofs, especially in sunny climates like California.
One problem with solar energy for lighting is that electricity generated at some point in the day does not require light.
This means a battery is needed to store power until it is needed at night.
With the advancement of fuel cell technology, we have seen that this is not a problem in this decade.
The prospect of solar lighting is bright.
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