light up rooms with solar power - diy 10$ project

by:CTECHi     2019-12-25
Great Solar!
You can supply power to motors, lights or any electrical equipment that can be bought around the world at a very reasonable price.
In this note I will tell you that you have to power the LED lights using solar panels.
The estimated cost of this project is only $10!
The reason we need 4 solar panels is to get the right voltage and current.
1 The voltage of the solar panel is 6 volts and the current is 150 mA.
We need at least 12 volts and 200 mA to power the LED lights (
Depending on the length of the LED strip).
That\'s why we have to divide the solar panels into two groups.
Basically, put two of your 4 solar panels, which we call 1 and 2 solar panels.
Weld the positive pads on solar panel 1 to the negative pads on solar panel 2.
The wires are then welded to the remaining positive and negative pads on each solar panel.
This is the so-called Series circuit.
What did we do with these two solar panels? 1 and 2)
Increase the voltage from 6 v to 12 V.
This means that we now have two solar panels that produce 12 V 150 mA together instead of 6 V and 150 mA per panel.
Do the same for solar panels 3 and 4.
By connecting two sets of solar panels in parallel, we can make a large 12 V and 300 mA solar panel.
This will be enough to power a few meters of LED lights.
You really don\'t need to be too fancy here.
Take a piece of foam, plastic or anything like that (
No conductive though).
I used a square piece of foam, which is bigger than the foam I need to easily add more solar panels in the future.
All solar panels are waterproof and these cheap panels are very hard so no protection is required.
Fix them on the foam with a lot of glue!
From the solar panel to the LED light you will have a fairly long cable/wire in-between.
Because I don\'t have that long wire in my house, I went with a long cable.
I weld the positive pole to the inner pin and the negative pole to the housing of my cable.
Please note that the longer your wire is, the greater your power loss.
Don\'t worry too much about the length, but if you have a few meters of unused wire behind your furniture, you can also cut it off.
Obviously you want to put solar panels in places that are exposed to the sun, so be sure to choose wisely. Use double-
Attach the bracket firmly to any surface and start putting the cable into the LED light.
I used waterproof tape to fix the cable to the roof, but it was a bit overdone.
Easy to use tape.
Remove the other end of the cable/wire from the solar panel and weld the electronic switch to the circuit in order to turn it on and off.
This is optional, but it is recommended to use, if you do not have a switch, you can simply solder the connector and unplug it when you want to turn it off.
I also used the PDB (
Distribution Board)
To make it easier to connect more LED lights in the future.
However, this step is also optional.
If you do not want to use the PDB, you can simply connect the cable/wire on the solar panel to the LED light, and you can use the work light wherever you want.
Because the LED is pre-
You can basically stick it to any surface, which is great because it makes the installation very easy.
You can also cut the LED in some places, so you can do this if you want to use a shorter LED length! Get creative!
Keep in mind that you can buy LED in multiple colors and don\'t worry about power issues, the LED will have enough power to keep lighting even in rainy days.
Also, the more solar panels you connect, the brighter the LED will be.
Want to see more such wonderful projects?
Look at my YouTube.
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