LiFePO4 (3.2V) Project, Within a 3 X AA Battery Holder!

by:CTECHi     2019-12-19
LFP batteries are still fairly new & their long term features are not fully verified yet, but the features they claim include-* about 3 outputs.
2 v, maintained fairly stable under load, only down at the last 5% of capacity (Li-
Ions start near 4.
2 V, but gradually fell to 2.
7 v, while lead acid is nominally 2 v, NiCd/NiMH is only 1. 2V)
* Light weight and compact structure-very good power/weight ratio (
Call for motorcycles, etc)
* Constant current is required (CC)
Charge, then gradually reduce to 3.
Constant voltage of 6 v (CV)is reached.
Note-fully charged ~ After 3, the voltage of the lithium ion battery will stabilize. 3V, with 3.
2 V is the usual quotation * A major (but cheap)
The charger should be used, although it is enough to use a simpler method at a critical moment (
Respect LFP charging needs! ).
* No Memory effect-can charge/discharge in any state.
* Extremely low standby loss.
* Modest but attractive (Amp Hour)capacity (
But lower than comparable LeeIons)
* Cycle life of a few 1000 times (
Far greater than Li-
Annoying and expensive 100 s for ions)
* Can be completely discharged nearby (although 2.
5 V is the recommended deadline)
, But if it is completely flattened, it may be destroyed. * High charge (~1C)and discharge (~10C)
-No matter how the interest rate is lower than comparable Lee-Ions. (
\"C\" means the capacity in Ah, 700 mAh is 1C for AA battery type)
* Very safe for all discharge applications because the cathode is not flammable and stable.
There is no lithium residue in the cathode of the fully charged LFP battery. * Excellent Son
Zero temperature and high temperature performance.
* Environmental protection (“green”)
In manufacturing, use and disposal
There is no dangerous internal content.
* Can further improve performance when doping y (Y -pronounced “it-tree-
Well, \"and a common element-
Apparently found it in cabbage! ).
The title of such a battery is:LFYP).
Pay attention to the flat water discharge curve!
Most of the cell energy has been 2.
8 v, is a common low voltage cut-off point for LFP. However 2.
5 v is acceptable, but never let the battery run below 2 v, otherwise they will be destroyed. . . .
The LFP battery shall be based on CC (
Constant current)to 3.
6 v, then in CV (
Constant voltage)
When this is reached.
After charging this way, they will return to their 3.
2 v power level at the time of writing (April 2013)
LFP batteries and batteries are still elusive on traditional sockets.
Experts are starting to stock these batteries, especially 12 v LFP batteries for high-performance motorcycles or demanding backup solar applications. (
Useful 4 cells x 3. 2V gives 12.
6 V and smart LFP charging at 14. 4V (4 x 3. 6V)
Comparable to the traditional 12 v lead acid system).
The battery and dedicated LFP charger I chose was originally obtained from a professional New Zealand company, but by importing directly from Hong Kong stores that focus on global battery sales, the price is much cheaper.
Although regarding international air transport, feedback from radio-controlled aircraft enthusiasts suggests that thankfully this direct lithium battery order arrived in a very sturdy protective package.
This is the order-post free-
6 batteries, 2 put fake and smart LFP Chargers!
It arrived here in New Zealand about a week later. (
Please note, however, that there is a free trade agreement between China and New Zealand)
At such a reasonable price, it may not be worth wasting time for lithium-ion batteries, chargers and accessories!
Multi-function intelligent combination LFP/Li-
Both the ion/NiMH charger and the single LFP battery USB charger are available.
At a critical juncture, whether simple DIY methods are sufficient or not --
LFP cells are quite tolerant! .
* Dummy cells can be made of nails or screws, trimmed to a certain length, placed in a slender piece of bamboo, pin or plastic, etc. * charging can be carried out by current limit 3. 6V source -
Desktop power, even 3 series NiCd/NiMH batteries?
* Can be passed through DMM (
Digital Multimeter
Even white LED (
It is bright at 3.
6 V, dim
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