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by:CTECHi     2020-02-01
= Warning and disclaimer = lithium
Ion batteries are very dangerous if not handled properly.
Do not overcharge/burn/open Li-
Anything you do with this information is your own risk.
There are so many old circles in the ion battery testerI-
Top battery and some work better than others, but I really want to measure the exact capacity of each battery in one way, but can\'t find anything online, so it took me time (2 hours)
I built it myself.
Now let me share it with you. Enjoy(
The man at the airport thought it was a bomb. wonder why. . . )
The basic working principle is: 1.
Set the clock to 12: 002.
Connect the battery to be tested (
Polarity is important)3. Press the push-switch once4.
Two LEDs will be turned on and the watch will start working. 5.
After the Led is turned off-
Check the watch reading, multiplied by 0.
38, this will give you amps/hours in this battery.
I think anyone who wants to do this can read the schematic below. . .
Basic principles: Note: Li-
Ion batteries should not be discharged below 3V (
They are discharged to 3 in this circuit. 3v).
Switch connects the tested battery to the relay and enables it to continue working until the replay control falls below the set threshold and disconnects the connection to stop any discharge.
The white LED is to limit the voltage discharge of the battery ~ 3. 3V.
Orange/green/red (
Red should be the best choice for 1.
Clock/watch for 5v battery operation)
Is there a working voltage that provides fair regulation to the watch
The two leads of the LED are connected to the position where the battery is normally connected.
The load is two 4.
I have a 7 ohm 5w resistor in my case (
But what can you use to discharge the battery?
Don\'t overdo it-
Just calculate I = V/R to get the current and multiply it by the discharge time to get the Amp/Hour reading, that is, the capacity of the battery)
You can use a transistor (
I prefer, but can\'t find it in my trash tonight)
But connect it in a different way. sorry -
You need to figure it out. . )N.
C represents normally closed (
It is connected to input N when it is not powered on.
O representative Chang Kai (
Contrary to another)
The arrow with X on it is wrong-
There is no connection there.
Schematic correction: the emitter of the transistor should be connected to NO instead of NC!
I explained this in the previous steps, but isn\'t this a neat watch?
I bought it for $1 in Taiwan. .
The first use I found. . . (
You can see the welding on another picture. Well . .
It took me a bit longer to write this structure and then build the circuit so hopefully it will be appreciated.
There are a few near here-
Very interesting reading information: Li-
Please rate this note and leave me comments/suggestions.
I would be glad to hear if someone built it.
Another warning posted by one of my readers is: =
I live by testing these things.
Lithium-ion batteries are really dangerous.
Be extra careful when using lithium ion batteries.
Conventional lithium-ion batteries contain cobalt oxide-
Very flammable-
Enough to ruin your day.
When the electrolyte is mixed with water in an appropriate proportion, all lithium-ion batteries can produce hf.
Your bones will be liquefied with hydrochloric acid and then killed.
This is beyond treatment.
Never apply more voltage to the battery than the rated voltage.
Charging a lithium-ion battery with more voltage will not make the battery charge faster, at least let the battery explode and drain the electrolyte gas.
Make the battery charge faster
Provide more current.
If your battery shows \"3\"3V 1.
3Ah \"This means that the battery can be provided with 1. 3A for 1 hour.
Supply 3 when charging the battery. 3V 1. 3A -
This will cause the battery to be fully charged within 1 hour. 3. 3V 3. 9A (3C rate)
Will cause the battery to charge 1/3 in 1 hour.
There is a limit on how much current you can charge.
Lierature in battery manufacturing for charging/discharging.
No more than manufacturer specifications.
Welding to the battery is not a good idea.
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