Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Hands-On: Does the New Keyboard Cut It?

by:CTECHi     2019-12-10
Lenovo\'s ThinkPad X230 doesn\'t expire until June 5, but we have one in our office, which is now available for a few days.
While we can\'t report its performance or battery life yet, we have the opportunity to try out the more unique features of the laptop, such as its new island --
New keyboard style
Simple UI and powerful fingerprint reader.
If you like the classic ThinkPad aesthetics, you will enjoy the look of the X230.
Black Crow, soft
Touching the lid and the square angle chassis, it is difficult to tell this new ThinkPad from direct predecessors like x20 and cousins like t420. At 1-
Inch thick 3.
4 pounds, the ThinkPad x2 30 is not light or thin enough to be considered an official ultrabook, but it must be small enough to fit in your bag or on your lap without making you feel
However, we have to wonder when you swap the default 6-
The battery expands the unit and adds a battery sheet to the bottom.
In a somewhat controversial decision, Lenovo decided from the classic
Style keyboard found on last generation ThinkPad x20 and used with a new island-
Style keyboard on X3030.
Fortunately, the keyboard still has a good touch in this industryleading force-
We look forward to the feedback from Lenovo.
Optional backlight--
The first of the ThinkPad X200 Series ---
Allows you to switch between four settings: backlight off, low backlight on, high backlight on, top light.
Unfortunately, not all the good news is in front of the keyboard.
As with the previous ThinkPad X200 laptop, the palm rest is too short to be comfortable, resulting in a large touch of the wrist of the typist hanging on the front lip.
When your wrist is hanging on the edge, you have to use your shoulders to support the weight of your hand, putting an extra burden on these muscles.
Using ten thumb typing tests, we have a reasonable 84 words per minute, but there are higher wordsthan average 2-
Because the keyboard feels cramped and the wrist is uncomfortable, the error rate is a few percent.
Even on the 12 th. 5-
Inch ThinkPad x2 30 is an ultra-portable laptop with no reason to have a deeper, more comfortable palm rest.
Think about MacBook Air 11-
The inch has a smaller screen, but its 39mm palm rest is exactly 8mm longer than the x2 30.
Lenovo uses the dedicated row it provides to power, volume, and mute buttons to take up a lot of deck space.
For easy access to these features, we prefer a more comfortable typing experience.
Lenovo\'s decision to place the PrtScr key on the right side of the space bar is not typical, but given that most of us don\'t use this key every day, it\'s something we can accept.
Like other ThinkPads, the x2 30 touchpad and the pointing stick are located between the G and H keys.
While some people don\'t like this little \"nub\", we find it to be the most accurate and comfortable pointing device on any notebook, as it will never be raw, and allows us to navigate on the desktop without removing our fingers from the main page. The 1. 25 x 2.
The 75 touchpad is one of the smallest touchpads we \'ve ever used, but as long as we put our fingers on the surface of the TouchPad\'s comfortable texture, we can navigate precisely on the desktop.
Considering that the pad has been built in-
It does not have any productivity in the button
We \'ve seen kill jumps on most other click panels.
We can even perform multi-touch gestures like pinch. to-
Zoom, rotate and rotate with three fingers easily.
Our only problem happened when we accidentally ran down the edge.
Lenovo has been including its touch for the past few years
Whether or not there is a touch screen, a friendly, simple UI environment on most thinkpad.
Although simletap was originally a way for touch pad users to change simple settings such as volume and brightness through the touch screen, it now includes three screens, full of mini apps related to popular websites and services such as Wikipedia, Facebook and Paypal.
In fact, when you click on the tray button or double click on the TouchPad, the new SimpleTap interface starts and looks a lot like the Metro UI for Windows 8.
Although most simletap tiles only start their related websites in the browser window, the browser window is sometimes located in the simletap UI, which makes the experience more immersive and customized.
In fact, most
Touch screen users will support regular Windows 7 through this alternative user interface, but we find it interesting and attractive.
In our metering test, the 1366x768, matte screen displays and audio at 240 lux speed, not as bright as the amazing screen on Asus ZenBook Prime (423 lux)
But far above the ultra-portable average of 219 Lux.
When we watch the Avengers 1080 p trailer on x2 30, the image is clear, but colors like red on Iron Man armor are basically accurate, but a little soft
The color remains the same at 45 degrees on the left or right, but starts washing off at a wider angle.
Lenovo says it will offer a 1600x900 screen option when the x2 30 goes public, and if so, we recommend you splurge on additional pixels.
We don\'t recommend you to use X230 as a home theater, but thanks to its Dolby premium audio v2 software, the speakers that are installed at the bottom of these two provide quite accurate music playback.
When we play bass
All instruments sound true, but not particularly rich.
Hard Rock \"Rainbow in the dark\" sounds worse because it\'s high
The treble guitar really pushed the x2 30 mediocre speaker to the limit.
For a business notebook, though, the x2pad x2 30 sounds good.
Even in the case of low light, WebcamThe HD webcam has taken quite a variety of photos.
However, when we shoot our faces in a somewhat blurry place in the office, the camera makes our skin color correct but full of noise. New Power-
Lenovo is finally on the fingerprint reader of ThinkPad x2 30, providing the same functionality for X200 Series users --
In the ThinkPad T series users have been on the fingerprint reader for several years.
With the pre-installed ThinkVantage fingerprint software, you can not only register any of your ten fingers, but you can also set up the reader to keep it on even if the notebook is completely closed.
Fingerprint reader configured for power supply
In terms of security, you can start your computer cold with just a swipe of your finger, log in to BIOS and log in to Windows 7!
Early impressions we haven\'t tested the battery life and performance of the x2pad x2 30 yet, but our first impression is mainly good.
Users who want lights-
The weight productivity system will appreciate the x3030 business-
The first design, response key, and non-
Reflective screen.
We also expect that when it\'s optional 9-
Battery and battery chips are added, and the x2 30 will also match or exceed the ground of its predecessor-
Broke the endurance for 20 hours.
Still, we hope Lenovo can look at the disturbing short palm support design it has used in this series of notebooks over the past few years.
The Thinkpad is known for its excellent typing experience, but it is difficult to type when your wrist is not supported. If an 11-
Inch MacBook Air can have a big palm holder and Lenovo can do the same for these 12 units. 5-inch system.
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