Lenovo ThinkPad T410s Review: A Slim-and-Light for the Business World

by:CTECHi     2019-11-23
Lenovo ThinkPad tomes review-Lenovo T series is one of the best laptop series ever.
I personally owned one a few years ago. a T41)and I loved it.
Over the years, they have not made any revolutionary changes or modifications to the purpose of this line.
T-Series laptops are still functional, lightweight and durable products designed for serious business.
Recently, Lenovo celebrated their 60 million secondary ThinkPad sales by launching Nvidia Optimus to the T series, including the ultra-thin tomes, the most exotic laptop in the series.
With Optimus Prime, tomes sells for about $1600.
This is a lot of money-is this price worth it? Design (5 out of 5)
Ultra-thin tomes is the best way to describe.
The laptop has a display screen of 14 inch, so it\'s not particularly small in terms of width and depth.
However, it is less than an inch thick and therefore weighs less than 4 pounds.
Despite the slim body, the overall design of the tomes is a classic ThinkPad.
Everything is in matte black material.
The lid is connected by two solid silver metal hinges, and you can\'t even turn on the laptop without undoing the front latch first.
The frame around the DVD drive has some slight bending, which is unfortunate, but it\'s not surprising given the thin profile of this laptop.
The keyboard is great and the ThinkPad laptop is typical.
It provides a large and easy-to-distinguish Bevel key.
The function key is still in an unusual position, but the ThinkPad user may have learned to tolerate this feature.
In the middle of the keyboard, you will find a small red device that you can tap in different directions to control the mouse.
Taggs also has a traditional trackpad with its own pair of mouse buttons, but the laptop is clearly designed to prefer the trackpad.
The buttons used with it are larger and feel more durable.
Display and audio quality (4 out of 5)
Lenovo ThinkPad tomes has a 14-inch display with a resolution of 1440x900.
This is higher than the standard resolution of 1366x768 between 11 for most laptops. 6\" and 15.
6 \"the extra pixels are good.
The display has a matte coating, and unlike the gloss coating on most laptop monitors, it does not reflect light.
This is combined with a bright backlight, allowing tomes to be used even in direct sunlight.
However, matte coatings do have a negative effect on image quality.
The movies and games have been washed.
The appearance and dark scenes are hard to see due to poor black levels.
Entertainment is clearly not a priority when choosing speakers on Taggs.
The track sound is always flat as the volume increases, and tends to flood the speakers, causing serious distortion.
However, the volume of the speakers is quite large, and it works fine with simple audio such as podcasts. Portability (3 out of 5)
Throw Lenovo ThinkPad tomes into your bag and it\'s not hard to get on the road.
The laptop is small and lightweight, and although the 14-inch display is not considered small, the laptop can still be easily put into any package that is not specifically designed for netbooks.
However, there is trade-
Battery life is off.
To keep it super
Slim frame and low weight with extremely slim 6-
Battery with rated power of 44Wh.
Combining this with a powerful Core i5 processor gives you a recipe for a short battery life.
Given the size of the battery, the fact that tvOS s can last for about three hours while using WiFi is impressive, but the portability parade of this laptop is raining.
Yes, you can throw Taggs into your bag to fly-but you may have to list your usage once you board.
The port on Taggs is not bad.
You will find two USB ports, one USB/eSATA combined port, one combined headphone/microphone jack, one display port, one Ethernet jack and VGA output.
For home users, the lack of HDMI is undoubtedly a blow to laptops, but it may not be a huge problem for the business traveler\'s target audience. Performance (5 out of 5)
Lenovo ThinkPad tomes is the spec of the killer.
It offers a Core i5 processor clocked at 2.
SSD 66 GHz and Nvidia NVS graphics (
Equivalent to Nvidia 310 M).
These specifications are very powerful for machines of this size, and the performance of Taggs is also very fast.
PCMark Vantage Total score: 3 DMark 06 Total score: the PCMark Vantage score does need to be qualified because PCMark Vantage does not handle well in solid state drives.
In some benchmarks, it provides incredible high scores for machines equipped with them, which tends to distort the results.
Still, Lenovo ThinkPad tomes is a powerful laptop that feels fast subjectively.
Most tasks are done quickly due to SSD, and the program opens in the blink of an eye. Verdict (4 out of 5)
Lenovo ThinkPad tomes is an excellent laptop with small battery size and inconvenient use.
The addition of Nvidia Optimus has not changed this, which is not surprising-previous models of Intel integrated graphics cards are already known for their short battery life.
Short battery life is not the end of the world.
Most laptop users have only three hours of battery life.
However, given the size and weight of this laptop, the small battery does have an inhibitory effect on the product.
Normally, this problem can be solved with an oversized battery, but tomes actually installs the battery in front of the laptop, so this typical fix is not possible.
Personally, I will buy T410.
The fact that tomes focuses on niche markets, however, does not mean that it is not a good marketbuilt, well-Laptop design.
Taggs is worthy of the name of the T series and is a great choice for anyone who wants the same powerful lightweight laptop.
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